Patokh Chodiev: Biography of a successful businessman

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Patokh Chodiev is a co-founder and shareholder of Eurasian Resources Group, Eurasian Bank, Eurasia Insurance Company. The Kazakhstani businessman is also known as the founder of the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF). ICF provides charitable assistance in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. Thanks to more than one year of work, the implementation of dozens of projects, Fattah Chodiev achieved close cooperation between Russia and Japan. In 2019, Patokh Chodiev was awarded the honorary award “Patron of the Year” in Russia.

The biography of the Kazakhstani businessman and some interesting facts about him are in this article.

The Kazakhstani businessman never hid that his love for Japan is limitless. It was this country that, in the form of a strong dream, gave him everything necessary: he entered the best institute, received all the necessary knowledge, then moved to the land of the rising sun, where he found his own path.

Patokh Chodiev: the life story of the ICF founder

Shodiev was born in the administrative center of Uzbekistan – in the Jizzakh region. The family of Patokh was not particularly wealthy. In his youth, he had to achieve everything with knowledge, which in the future came in handy. As they say, most often successful people are people who originally walked with empty pockets. Fattah Chodiev was looking for all kinds of ways to solve his financial problems. He made plans that led him to fulfill his dreams.

After graduation, Patokh Chodiev left Uzbekistan to enter a prestigious institute. He was attracted to the Moscow State Institute of International Relations by the fact that there were opportunities to get to know Japanese culture as much as possible and spend a lot of time studying the Japanese language he loved. These prospects were for him a priority over life in Uzbekistan, so Patokh Chodiev moved to the RSFSR.

Of course, the path to success did not end in Moscow at a prestigious university. After MGIMO, Chodiev moved to Japan and got a job there as an adviser to the USSR trade representative. It’s not that his work was of significant importance, although his experience and acquaintances were useful in building his own business. Also, the fact that he was in the community of local residents every day inspired Patokh quite a lot. After all, the Japanese are some of the best company that you can come up with for maintaining the steady movement towards your goals. The businessman has repeatedly argued that the Japanese partially shaped his personality.

After Japan, charged with a fighting spirit and clear plans for the future, Chodiev moved to Kazakhstan. Here he began to invest in promising projects, met with reliable business partners who have been his true friends for many years. Fattah Chodiev chose a good time to start a business career – then, the collapse of the USSR was followed by the advent of market relations and, in fact, the alternative was not optimistic. With Chodiev’s skills, it was very easy to start a business with minimal risks.

For more than twenty years, the Kazakh businessman has been working with large business projects and now, he is one of the most famous charitable figures. Along with this, Fattah Chodiev is a family man. He has three children and a beautiful wife – Gulnara Tursunova. The eldest daughter of the businessman, Munissa, followed the path of her father. She is a philanthropist, investor, has many of her business projects. Previously, she served as head of the investor relations department at the Eurasian Group. Munissa founded her investment fund Vault Investments, which actively directs funds to innovative projects. Sabir Chodiev also has his own business and invests in promising projects. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Chodiev Foundation. Nafisa Chodieva is a very successful girl, known throughout Kazakhstan not only because of her father but to a greater extent because of the opening of the Pout Case company. Pout Case produces innovative and expertly designed cases for phones and cosmetics.

Interesting facts about Patokh Chodiev

In addition to the Eurasian Resources Group, Eurasian Bank, Eurasia Insurance Company and the charity fund, there are many more achievements of the Kazakhstani businessman that you should be aware of.

Fact 1: Presidency of the World Foundation for Democracy

In 2005, Fattah Chodiev was appointed president of the World Fund for Democracy for services to the international community. WFD is a unique platform for dignitaries who make important political decisions. Activists also meet at the WFD to address key democracy issues around the world. A method for solving problems from the World Forum for Democracy is the search and analysis of experimental initiatives. Pattokh Chodiev emphasizes that the foundation encourages innovations in the field of democracy and contributes to their development.

Fact 2: Awarded the Order of Honor in Kazakhstan

Received one of the most significant awards in Kazakhstan – the Order of Honor. Representatives of the Kazakh government said that the merits of a businessman to the state cannot be appreciated even by hundreds of such orders.

Fact 3: Doctor of Political Science, wrote dozens of scientific papers

Fattah Chodiev is known in many countries as the author of more than thirty scientific papers.


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