Paul Johnson Drywall (PJD), one of the largest and most respected specialty contractors in the Southwest, is celebrating its 50th anniversary – recognizing its partnerships that have helped to build the most successful communities in Arizona and Nevada.

PJD began building homes in Arizona in 1967, teaming up with legendary Phoenix developer John F. Long.This partnership resulted in the construction of more than 33,000 homes in West Phoenix, creating the community of Maryvale. Throughout the past five decades, PJD has continued to form partnerships with the most successful single-family and multi-family builders in the southwest, developing winning communities across the region.

“We measure success by our ability to help clients achieve their deadlines and sales goals, ensure our crews’ safety, and assist our employees in bringing their very best to every project,” said Cole Johnson, president of Paul Johnson Drywall. 

Maintaining a winning business model, based on providing exceptional customer service, having a focus on growing capacity and establishing the highest safety and compliance standards, have been key factors to the company’s success. Regardless of market conditions, Johnson said his team strives for excellence by focusing in these key areas:

• Successful Jobsite Strategy – “We invest in productivity training to ensure our projects are finished on time and to our exacting standards. Every crewmember is empowered to help our clients with any number of requests, from cleaning up an outside area to loading and assembling furniture –our crews tell our customers ‘yes.'”

Continually Increasing Capacity – “Through our continual recruitment and training programs, we are always prepared to enlist and build an extensive, skilled workforce for both short-term and long-term projects. Over the past several years, in the midst of an industry-wide labor shortage, we have nearly doubled our workforce. We have formed a Veterans Apprentice program to help train and provide jobs to veterans. In addition, we recently began participating in a refugee program through Catholic Charities in which we employ experienced construction workers to deliver quality work to our customers, while at the same time helping them to assimilate into our communities.”

Highest Safety and Compliance Standards – “We have established a culture that prioritizes safety and compliance. Before going to a jobsite, our crews spend their first day as employees in safety training. That’s how important safety is to us. We also work with the Department of Labor to establish and advocate for the highest possible standards of compliance at PJD and across our Industry. We strive to be an example of excellence and we share best practices with our competitors to encourage others to bring their best to jobsites.”