As part of the City of Peoria’s commitment to the Principles of Sound Water Management and smart growth, Mayor and Council recently adopted updates to Peoria’s Landscape Code and Community Design Guidelines to save water and further reduce water usage. These targeted and practical modifications are intended to have a measurable impact on water savings, while maintaining the high-quality development standards that define Peoria.

“Over the past several years, Council and I have implemented strategic and smart water policies to further position our community for long-term sustainability and prosperity,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat. “These updates will offer our development community an opportunity to save water and money, and these updates will ensure we further protect our water resources.”

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Highlights include:

• Adjustments to shrub and groundcover (e.g. lantana) density, which promotes proper tree canopy coverage and spacing of shrubs to allow plants to better thrive and will require less maintenance over time. This adjustment has negligible visual impact, but yields a significant water savings. It has the additional effect of lowering initial development costs and on-going maintenance expenses.

“These sensible and meaningful updates are a reflection of Peoria’s commitment to smart water policy,” said Cape Powers, Water Services Director. “These updates are a win economically, a win environmentally, and a great step forward as we remain diligent stewards in meeting our community’s water resources needs.”

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