In recognition of ongoing regional and statewide discussions related to the Colorado River shortage, the City of Peoria has declared Stage 1 Water Watch of the Drought Management Plan to raise awareness and encourage voluntary reduction measures. There is no immediate impact to the city’s ability to deliver water and, at this time, there are no mandatory water restrictions. 

“Managing long-term and effective water programs is a complex undertaking and one that requires strategic planning and constant scrutiny,” said Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat. “Fortunately, Peoria has been preparing for these conditions for many years, and we are not surprised by the current drought conditions in Arizona. Our city remains committed to taking action to reduce our water use, while expanding water re-use infrastructure, and implementing education and conservation resources for our community.” 

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The City of Peoria has a long history of thoughtful water management and has been preparing for drought conditions for decades by adhering to the Principles of Sound Water Management and focusing on sustainability and smart growth. The city has assembled a diverse water supply portfolio, maintained a 100-year designation of assured water supply, proactively invested in and strengthened its water infrastructure, and recently doubled investments to expand water conservation rebates and programs for Peoria water customers. 

Peoria’s Drought Management Plan outlines practical and necessary activities to assure the City of Peoria’s intentional water stewardship. Within Stage 1, the city will continue to lead by example by reducing municipal water use at city facilities and operations by at least 5%. In addition, the city will continue its robust efforts to educate residents and businesses on the importance of water conservation, while sharing more information about the rebate programs available to Peoria water customers.

“Over the last 25 years, Peoria has made significant investments to safeguard the community from drought and shortage conditions,” said Cape Powers, Peoria’s Water Services Director. “Now, we encourage Peoria residents to make practical lifestyle changes to help our community. Peoria is drought ready, but water conservation is vital to a sustainable future in the desert.” 

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