Performance Protocol, a first-of-its-kind platform to recruit, develop and retain police agency talent, is partnering with global public safety technology leader, Axon, to offer advanced training resources for law enforcement. With this partnership, Axon customers will have access to more coaching and training solutions, in addition to accessing ongoing webinars and educational events.

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Performance Protocol works with individual officers and agencies on a proactive basis, providing one-on-one coaching with officers and agency-wide training with police departments to assist with personal and career support, talent retention methods, and teaching essential skills that help prepare and support officers for police work.

“The most immediate institutional problem facing officers today is recruitment and retention,” said Daniel Folk, CEO of Performance Protocol. “Agencies today are navigating a number of organizational challenges, on top of the critical day-to-day police work serving and protecting the public. We provide foundational resources and support so they can spend more time meeting the needs of their communities.”

Each day, law enforcement faces challenging and dangerous situations in service of their communities which often leads to high-stress, burn-out and ultimately retention issues. By fostering a positive work culture, agencies can provide coaching that fits the needs of each individual officer, improving satisfaction, performance and resilience. Performance Protocol is all about meeting officers where they are and providing them with the support and education they need to level-up their performance and careers.

“At Axon we continue to be focused on the whole officer, going beyond on-the-job tools and tactics,” said Andy Wrenn, Vice President and Head of Axon Training. “With well-rounded resources, agencies can build on their skills and strategies to collectively achieve higher levels of performance and impact within their departments, ultimately translating to better support for their communities.”

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