In 2019, Michael Zouhri was struck by a drunk driver who fled the scene of the accident. While the police eventually apprehended the driver, Zouhri was left with permanent, life-altering injuries. After Zouhri began to look for legal services to help with his personal injury claim, he was left feeling even more lost, alone, and frustrated.

“The lawyers I talked to left me feeling like the insurance companies would hurt me, but they didn’t care about me either. And, yet, I had no choice but to work with them, otherwise I might not recover anything. I hated that feeling,” said Zouhri.

Instead of giving up, he created a free app to help himself and the millions of others who are injured in similar accidents each year. Zouhri’s PainWorth app makes it possible for injury victims to find out—on their own—what their claim might be worth. Users can also use the app to generate the paperwork needed to begin the settlement process, which has made it a hit with victims who choose to self-represent.

After a successful launch in Canada, the PainWorth personal injury app will be rolling out in the U.S. and Arizona will be the first state to launch.

PainWorth’s secret ingredient is its algorithm that automatically analyzes thousands of past cases to find relevant case law and citations and then performs all the necessary statistical calculations to find insights a human couldn’t possibly do on their own. PainWorth just launched but has already helped users with nearly $10 million in claims, completely for free. While still in its early stages, injury victims have found it to be a helpful and comforting tool to give them insights and return some control to their lives.

“The most important thing a lot of users tell me is that they feel like they now have some power over a situation where they previously felt they had none,” said Zouhri. “They aren’t just a blind cog in the process, they can now advocate for themselves, empowered by the knowledge our app provides. I’ve spoken to dozens of people thanking us for developing this app, who before discovering PainWorth couldn’t even get a lawyer to help them because their ‘case economics’ just weren’t attractive enough. With this app, they have the tools to represent and help themselves.”

Beyond victims, Lawyers and insurance companies are approaching PainWorth to see how the app can be used to help them take on more clients, simplify the settlement process, and save everyone involved—lawyers, insurance companies, courtroom judges, victims, and the insured—time and money.