Phoenix-based Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd., a leading operator and owner of small market businesses, announced that Alpine 4 and Impossible Aerospace (IA) have met all closing conditions of the merger and that Impossible Aerospace is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpine 4.  The transaction was completed by a reverse triangle merger with a newly formed subsidiary of Alpine 4.  Alpine 4 has filed the corresponding merger certificate with the State of Delaware, concluding the final step in the merger requirements.

The company will introduce several support subsidiaries in 2021 to further its endeavors in capturing market share within the industry.

“Thank you to both teams for seeing this to completion,” said Kent Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4. “We have already begun implementing production plans for 2021 within our Silicon Valley subsidiary, Quality Circuit Assembly (QCA). From building the PCB boards, to production and assembly of the US-1, the collaboration of QCA and IA is a perfect example of vertical integration. This integration accelerates production thus allowing innovation to thrive. It is in this type of environment that new and transformative airframes can evolve. The future is bright for Alpine 4.”