March 24, 2021

AZ Business Magazine

Phoenix Chamber launches diversity and inclusion program for employers

The Greater Phoenix Chamber is launching a Diversity and Inclusion Employer Toolkit to support Chamber members and the community at large in implementing and expanding diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace.

The Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Employer Toolkit outlines four key pillars of diversity & inclusion and allows companies to select a starting point based on their unique situation. Further, it provides resources to help company leaders and internal teams at every stage of a company’s diversity and inclusion implementation process.

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“The creation of a Diversity and Inclusion program has been something that the Greater Phoenix Chamber has been in the process of developing and in light of the events of the past year, launching this effort is a tangible way that we can support employers and employees,” said Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Chamber. “As a business organization, the Chamber consistently reevaluates how we can support businesses. It’s important to me that the Chamber is preparing businesses to handle today’s challenges, which is why the Chamber is launching a diversity and inclusion toolkit for our members.”

In addition to toolkits, the program includes quarterly forums to support companies as they work through the toolkit and to provide supplemental education from subject matter experts.

“By launching this multi-use toolkit, the Greater Phoenix Chamber is breaking the traditional chamber mold to build this new program, which has been developed in a way that includes voices from all backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives,” said Sanders. “I’m committed to ensuring that the Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Employer Toolkit continues to evolve so that it is representative of best-practices and is reflective of an ongoing collaboration with community leaders to ensure that this program is representative of all individuals.”

In 2019, the Chamber amplified its efforts in the area of diversity and inclusion, with the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion committee to develop resources for businesses that will help them embrace this important initiative. This committee consists of members and community leaders from a variety of industries and business sizes.

Register today for the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Diversity & Inclusion Program Launch on April 13th, 2021, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Hear from committee members as they highlight elements of the toolkit and explain why it’s crucial for your business to join the D&I movement. Our business community’s continued progress in D&I will make Greater Phoenix an even better place to live, work, and do business!

Attendees will learn:

• How companies can begin making D&I a part of their company culture

• How you can engage your team in your efforts

• How to get started, no matter your company size or budget

• How the Chamber’s D&I committee will support you in your journey