It’s the holiday shopping season, which means it’s the peak time of year for credit card fraud — especially in Phoenix.

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Credit card fraud is the most common type of identity theft in 2023 — it’s also more frequent than ever, according to the Federal Trade Commission. 

Reports of credit card fraud have skyrocketed by 62% from 2019 (pre-pandemic) to 2022. 

But where is credit card fraud the most common?

According to a new analysis by, the metro Phoenix area ranks 14th in the nation in credit card fraud reports

The Valley has also seen the 6th highest year-over-year increase in credit card fraud, with a 15% jump since 2022. 

In 2023, more than 5,000 credit card fraud complaints were filed in the metro Phoenix area, which is 107 reports per 100,000. 

Here are the highlights for Phoenix:

  • 2023 credit card fraud reports: 5,414
  • 2023 credit card fraud reports per 100K: 107.9

Statewide, Arizona ranks 13th in the nation for credit card fraud, with 6,394 reports being filed in 2023, amounting to 86.9 per 100,000. 

Total losses for all types of fraud, including credit card fraud and other forms of identity theft, in Arizona total $172.1 million in 2023.

According to the FTC, millennials between 30-39 years old are the most susceptible age group for credit card fraud. In 2022, 121,654 millennials aged 30-39 were victims of credit card fraud, which is nearly one-third of all card fraud victims. 

You can find the full data here.