Phoenix is leading rapid growth in Arizona’s tech sector through 2021. Indeed, Phoenix has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech hot spots. According to recent data, software job growth throughout the city has risen over 30% within the last 10 years. This is almost 10% faster than the national average. Undoubtedly, software development companies need to know what is fueling this city-wide growth. This way, they can adopt the top programming practices, tools, and frameworks to expand with the market. Of course, they can also better understand which industries are driving the boom in the technology sector. Read on to learn about how Phoenix is leading rapid growth in Arizona’s tech sector through 2021.

COVID-19 Boosting Demand

First, the COVID-19 pandemic is boosting demand for software and technology in Phoenix. Many companies are continuing to work remotely as more workers get vaccinated. Therefore, the remote workforce needs proper digital tools and services to stay connected. For example, many businesses are using project management software to assign tasks and streamline remote working environments. In addition, they also use communication systems, such as videoconferencing software and chat applications. This way, they can communicate efficiently with one another throughout the day. Furthermore, employees can also work together in real-time with collaborative file management systems and coding environments. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for these remote work tools throughout Phoenix, Arizona.

Accelerated Tech Innovation

Next, accelerated tech innovation is also driving software development growth Phoenix. For example, many enterprises are adopting JFrog’s Artifactory container registry to build, store, and manage their Docker container images. Once installed, developers can use this containerization software to set up a private Docker registry to manage their image files. Then, they can set up a fully automated promotion pipeline. With this optimization feature, container images only go to the next production level if they pass the required quality gates. This way, companies deploy high quality images that are tested and approved. Certainly, these accelerated tech innovations are boosting tech growth in Phoenix.

Career-Centered Computer Science Education

In addition, Phoenix offers many career-centered computer science education pathways, fueling tech growth in AZ. Notably, Arizona has over 30 universities and institutions offering computer science degrees. In addition, Phoenix has over 15 colleges that offer information technology degrees as well. With so many tech opportunities in higher education, Phoenix is constantly producing a fresh pool of tech graduates to meet the growing market demand. From DevOps engineering to artificial intelligence, computer science degrees empower students to build applications and dive deeper into specific programming specialties. Undoubtedly, Phoenix’s career-centered computer science education programs are driving tech growth through Arizona this year.

Highly Concentrated ICT Workforce

Moreover, Phoenix also has a highly concentrated information and communications technology (ICT) workforce. According to recent data, over 77,000 employees in computer occupations worked in Phoenix alone. Notably, this represents a deep knowledge and skills pool for innovation. In addition, Phoenix offers modern, creative locations such as offices, incubators, and coworking spaces. Importantly, this provides ICT workers and software development companies with plenty of operating environments. Undoubtedly, this is key for the dense ICT worker population to stay productive and on-task. This way, they can continue to creating software projects and innovations for their clients. In short, the highly concentrated ICT workforce in Phoenix is driving growth in Arizona’s tech sector.

Increasing Complexity Of Projects

Furthermore, the increasing complexity of software development projects Phoenix is also driving growth in Arizona’s tech sector. For example, many nonprofit organizations require CRM and marketing automation platforms to increase their donations. Often, these solutions need to reporting, data analytics, and engagement tracking features to better inform their marketing strategy. Simultaneously, existing software systems also require updates to ensure programs maintain a high performance. Indeed, each line of code usually has a lifespan of a few years. Thus, companies often have to rebuild their projects using modern technology or make significant changes. Absolutely, the increasing complexity of projects Phoenix is fueling rapid growth in the AZ tech sector.

Phoenix is leading rapid growth in Arizona’s tech sector through 2021. First, COVID-19 is boosting demand as companies continue to work remotely. Next, accelerated tech innovations are also driving faster deployments and software market growth. In addition, Phoenix has a wide variety of career-centered computer science education pathways, providing a steady stream of employees. Moreover, the highly concentrated ICT workforce is fueling innovation in the city. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of projects is increasing development demand. Consider these points to learn about how Phoenix is leading rapid growth in Arizona’s tech sector through 2021.