For the first time in its history, the Phoenix Rising FC soccer club will play its games in the city that is its namesake.

The Phoenix City Council voted today to lease land near 40th Street and Washington to the team, to house a temporary stadium, concessions, a practice facility, and other associated buildings. The ten-acre site, owned by Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is on the grounds of a former greyhound dog racing track and is the current site of the Phoenix Park ‘n Swap. Phoenix Rising will rent the land for approximately $300,000 for the first year, with price adjustments possible in years two through five of the agreement.

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Established in 2016, Phoenix Rising has matured into a competitive team that won the 2018 and 2020 Western Conference Titles, as well as the United Soccer League (USL) Championship 2019 Regular Season Title.

“Phoenix Rising plays a fast-paced, exciting game and brings with it a broad, enthusiastic fan base,” said Mayor Kate Gallego. “The club is making an important investment in Central City, and I’m thrilled to welcome them into our extended downtown area. I know there are fans, and soon-to-be-fans, who will agree when I say: I can’t wait for the chance to take in a match!”

“We are grateful to the City of Phoenix leadership and their Department of Community and Economic Development. This move will allow us to immediately upgrade our game day fan experience, which has always been our top priority,” said Phoenix Rising FC Governor Bill Kraus. “Accessibility to the site is excellent and there will be opportunities to create partnerships with the small businesses at Phoenix Park ‘n Swap. We have so much respect for the hundreds of business owners who operate there and the thousands of customers they serve every week.”

Today’s decision is a win-win for the Phoenix Rising FC and for the City of Phoenix. The five-year lease will offer the club the opportunity to identify a permanent location. In addition to revenue generated by the lease, city upgrades to the land will align with long-term plans for the growth of Sky Harbor Airport.

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