Phoenix-based web and app development company, Fyresite, announced today that they have been selected as the first Arizona agency to become a Shopify Plus Partner. The popular e-commerce platform launched Shopify Plus to support growth and customization for large e-commerce brands and enterprises that are bringing in a minimum of $1M a year. As a partner, Fyresite will help fulfill the needs of enterprise clients across North America.

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“We are thrilled to be named a Shopify Plus partner,” says Sean Elstins, Fyresite’s COO. “This proves our value as an agency and shows that we are qualified to support enterprise companies looking to expand their brand and create a custom online experience.”

While Shopify Plus has 248 partners globally, only the most knowledgeable and equipped companies are asked to apply, and only a small percentage of applicants are accepted each year. As a Shopify Plus Service Partner, Fyresite will specialize in providing solutions for companies in the automotive, gaming and the hobbyist-goods industries. The agency will also work with Shopify to help build out their automotive and web3 offerings as both of those sectors are positioned for big changes in the future.

“It’s exciting to be working collaboratively with an e-commerce giant like Shopify,” says Jason Turnquist, Fyresite CEO. “With this partnership, we can now provide clients both locally and nationally with enterprise level support and growth.”

With Shopify Plus, Fyresite now has the ability to provide a seamless transition for large, existing merchants to a platform that supports long-term growth. The agency can help brands migrate from legacy platforms such as Magento and Woocommerce to Shopify Plus, or strategically improve their current Shopify retail experience through the integration of competitive features such as, custom process automation, zero or limited transaction fees and unlimited bandwidth.

For businesses interested in learning more about working with Fyresite or the Shopify Plus platform, Fyresite plans to offer several free educational opportunities for the community via digital assets or through in-person events. In the meantime, please visit for more information.