The City of Phoenix received the “Connected City Award” in recognition of the City’s commitment to connectivity and wireless infrastructure investment.

“Phoenix is dedicated to leading the nation in technological innovation and connectivity, and we must work collaboratively to attract businesses and a skilled workforce through high-quality infrastructure, entertainment, and education,” said Vice Mayor Laura Pastor, who accepted the award on behalf of the City. “Mobilitie’s partnership with Phoenix will allow us to continue to provide our residents and business owners with the services they demand to flourish now and in the future – through smart, safe, sustainable, and responsible growth.”

“The City of Phoenix has exemplified what it means to be a connected city. As the fifth largest city in the country, and one of the fastest growing, Phoenix values the unparalleled benefits of ubiquitous wireless connectivity for its residents, businesses, and visitors. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Phoenix, which has embraced this advanced technology as a driver for the City’s continued success,” said Christos Karmis, CEO of Mobilitie. 

Mobilitie’s small cell infrastructure, facilitated through a detailed city permitting process, is designed to blend into the cityscape and utilize City of Phoenix street lights.

“City staff embraced this vital infrastructure and created an efficient process that has streamlined the deployment of small cells, giving residents more immediate access to better data speeds and capabilities. Vice Mayor Pastor and staff led numerous meetings to create a collaborative and fruitful partnership that has enabled more seamless connectivity to support the advancing environment of commerce and communication,” said Karmis.

Phoenix is the second city to be recognized with Mobilitie’s “Connected City Award” in 2018, joining Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Atlanta as prior recipients. City leadership and the Phoenix Public Works Department will continue to strengthen their partnership with Mobilitie with additional small cell deployments in 2018.