Friday, the League of Women Voters of Arizona along with LULAC and Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation was granted their request to intervene as a defendant in the case of Maricopa County Republican Party (MCRP) v. Secretary of State Regan, et al. The League intervened to ensure that voters who cast emergency ballots in Tuesday’s election will have their votes counted. And the Judge agreed

“The League of Women Voters was in the best position to represent the impact and harm to Arizona voters,” said Robyn Prud’homme-Bauer, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Arizona. “We will continue to fight for due process on behalf of the voters of Arizona, and we look forward to seeing every ballot validated and counted in this election.” 

Maricopa County and Pima County election recorders offered emergency voting, after the early voting period but before Election Day, which prompted this litigation.

“Voters deserved an opportunity to validate their ballots and today the Judge affirmed the importance of one person, one vote” said Prud’homme-Bauer. “Our intervention ensured that the due process requirements related to the fundamental right of citizens to participate in our democracy was protected.”

As of Friday afternoon, more than half a million ballots remain uncounted across the state. This case will directly impact numerous election outcomes across the state and a significant number of voters.

“We applaud to the court for providing guidance on what constitutes an emergency,” said Prud’homme-Bauer. “Arizonans who casted a ballot for this year’s general election will have their votes counted and their voices heard.” 

The League will work with voters to educate around the outcome of this case and any actions voters will have to take to validate their ballots. The League of Women Voters of Arizona is represented by Scharff PLC, Campaign Legal Center, and ACLU. To stay abreast of this issue, voters should visit or