The Chairman of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) Board of Directors James H. Lundy, along with President & CEO Barry Broome, have sent a letter to Governor Janice K. Brewer to personally thank her for her action on Senate Bill 1062.

“Today is a good day for Arizona,” said GPEC President & CEO Barry Broome. “Thanks to Governor Brewer’s courage, leadership and thoughtful decision in vetoing Senate Bill 1062, we have demonstrated to people throughout the world that we are ready to move forward as a community and put this legislation behind us.”

Last Friday, GPEC issued a letter to the Governor, respectfully requesting a veto of Senate Bill 1062.

“As an organization, and a board, GPEC strives to showcase Arizona as the business-friendly environment it is,” said James H. Lundy, GPEC Board Chairman. “The Governor’s decision to veto this legislation is a welcome message to both the business community and residents alike.”

Lundy and Broome also express their sincere thanks for the resounding call for action, heard from individuals, and business and community leaders. “The overwhelming response sends a clear message that Arizona is a tolerant community that embraces its diversity,” said Broome.