Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) today announces the release of the 2024 Arizona Voters Agenda, developed from a new statewide survey of likely Republican, Democratic, and independent/unaffiliated voters of all ages. This vital initiative identifies the issues voters agree on across political and generational lines to inform election discourse. CFA will release the Arizona Voters’ Agenda over the next two weeks, sharing insights and important questions for candidates prompted by the findings.

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“The Arizona Voters’ Agenda puts the voices of Arizona voters at the center of our election discussions and challenges the narrative of a hopelessly divided electorate. The survey insights present an opportunity for leaders, reporters, debate moderators, and candidates to focus on substantive dialogue that addresses the issues that the vast majority of voters care about,” said Dr. Sybil Francis, Chair, President & CEO of CFA.

CFA collaborated with HighGround, Inc., a nonpartisan public opinion polling firm based in Arizona, to conduct the Arizona Voters’ Agenda survey of likely general election voters. The survey asked voters questions about their current outlook and their views on policy issues and values for education, the economy, immigration, and housing.

The results of the questions asking Arizona voters about their outlook show many areas where the majority agree on shared concerns and what they want from their leaders:

  • Arizona not prepared for future growth – Over half of Arizona voters (52%) are not confident that Arizona is prepared for future growth.
  • Top issues facing the state – When asked about Arizona’s most pressing issues, “immigration & border security” dominates among all voters. “Long-term water supplies” and “education” round out the top three issues, with “inflation & cost of living” and “housing costs” close behind them.
  • Candidates not focused on what’s most important to voters – Fewer than half (40%) of voters say that current candidates for statewide and legislative offices in Arizona are talking about what’s important to them.
  • Preference for working across the aisle: More than two times as many voters prefer candidates who are willing to compromise and work across the aisle to get things done compared to those who prefer candidates with unwavering commitments to principles and refuse to compromise (62% to 29%).

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