A comprehensive plan to modernize Phoenix’s streets and public transit system over the next 35 years was approved Tuesday by the City Council.

Besides tripling the number of light rail miles by 2050, the transportation plan calls for significant expansion of bus service and upgrades to the city’s aging streets.

An additional three-tenths of one cent (30 cents per $100) sales tax would pay for the plan, which equals less than one additional cent on a $3 cup of coffee, about three cents more on an $10 lunch and about $60 more on a $20,000 car.

The Council approved the plan by a 6 to 3 vote, and city voters are expected to consider the measure on the August ballot.

“Great cities need great transportation and an evolving Phoenix needs to adapt with the times,” Mayor Greg Stanton said. “A robust public transit system and well-maintained roads are vital to building and growing our economy for the future.”