Education is one of the most important issues facing Arizona according to a recent poll of 500 likely voters in Arizona conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of Expect More Arizona. Furthermore, more than 6-in-10 of those surveyed say education is “one of the most important” or “a very important” issue as they decide how to vote for Governor and members of the state legislature.

That’s good news for Expect More Arizona as the nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization launches its annual Vote 4 Education initiative to raise awareness of key issues and encourage voters to make education a priority at the polls.

“In Arizona, we have dedicated educators and hard-working students, but they can’t do it alone,” says Pearl Change Esau, president and CEO of Expect More Arizona. “As voters, our children are counting on us to make sure education is at the forefront of their minds for the 2014 election.”

The April 2014 poll shows there is broad agreement that all students deserve a world-class education and that we need to close our state’s education achievement gap. Further, more than 7-in-10 voters strongly agree the following issues must be high priority:

· Making sure kids can read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade;

· Increasing funding to attract, retain and develop quality teachers; and

· Providing support for students who are struggling and falling behind.

Even when specifically asked about their willingness to pay more in taxes, voters reinforce their commitment to fund these three priorities.

“We all want the best future for Arizona students,” says Chang Esau. “We must work together to ensure every child has access to a world-class public education that prepares him or her to succeed.”

The goal of Vote 4 Education is to help voters understand what’s at stake in the 2014 elections as it relates to education, and how every vote can make a difference.

Between now and the November 4 general election, Expect More Arizona and its partners will use the Vote 4 Education platform to call attention to the need for effective policies, measured by student success, and sufficient funding to:

· Make sure every child can read and has the early learning opportunities that set him or her on a path to success

· Recruit and keep a high-quality, well-supported teacher in every classroom

· Achieve high expectations and high standards for all students (including supporting AZ educators with Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards)

· Make higher education and career training accessible for all students

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