The campaign behind Proposition 123 raised $1.75 million dollars for the May 17 special election referendum.

“Our totals now show the level of commitment and concern our contributors have for public education,” said Sharon Harper, who is chairing the campaign. “Prop 123 is a rare, win-win measure that helps our schools keep talented teachers and prepare our students for careers, college and competing in the modern economy.”

The proposition would allocate $3.5 billion to Arizona schools over the next ten years, and is the result of an October settlement between state lawmakers and education leaders that was made during a special legislative session called by Gov. Doug Ducey.

The agreement came after a five-year lawsuit and Proposition 123 would provide $3.5 billion to Arizona schools to offset budget cuts made during the recession.

It took the campaign two months to raise the money by the end of 2015.

“We have overwhelming support from the business and education communities who have rallied behind this landmark opportunity,” Ducey said, who has led fundraising efforts with Harper. “This money – and the money to come – shows that people understand just how important passage of Prop 123 is to our schools, teachers, children and our state.”

Prop 123 would increase state K-12 education support by increasing per student funding and adjusting the distribution level of proceeds from the sales of state trust land.

The proposition has safeguards to protect the trust, which would serve to benefit public education and other interests.