Leadership development is a strategic component of most organizations – having programs in place to equip and train team members for additional responsibilities and career advancement. Companies that offer programs to develop women in leadership are especially appealing for females looking to grow both professionally and personally. One such company is Progrexion, a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States.

Progrexion’s Women in Leadership & Learning

As an employer, Progrexion values diversity and strives to provide a positive as well as productive learning environment for its employees. One example is their Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) program. Empowering women to achieve a greater leadership presence will help Progrexion to leverage unique talents and perspectives for future growth.

The WILL program has four goals:

  1. Support DIVERSITY in leadership
  2. Support individual PERSONAL GROWTH
  3. Provide sustainable leadership OPPORTUNITIES
  4. Create an internal networking COMMUNITY to promote COLLABORATIVE LEARNING

Progrexion’s Phoenix office recently invited Latasha Causey, Director, Regional Operations, Regional Site Management at USAA’s Phoenix Campus, to speak at a Women in Leadership & Learning event. Sixty leaders attended the event where Causey shared her experiences as a culture leader and development advocate. Causey also discussed how she strengthens USAA’s brand in the Phoenix area through philanthropic efforts for USAA’s 4,000 Arizona employees.

A few of the key takeaways from Latasha’s talk include:

  • Networking is everything
  • Invest in yourself, then you will be able to invest in others
  • It’s important to ensure employees have career progression
  • Leadership development comes down to “just showing up and being you” – be authentic
  • Women leaders need to support one another and having advocates/mentors is critical
  • Lead by example when it comes to work-life balance – i.e., taking time off so your employees know they can as well
  • Leaders need to serve others – care about people and how they feel and what’s important to them
  • Have faith in something “bigger than yourself”

Does your employer offer opportunities for professional development as well as learning from others like Progrexion’s Women in Leadership & Learning program? If not, then it may be time to consider a career move to a place that does! Take a look at Progrexion and the opportunities they offer.