Before the world became more digitally focused, businesses relied upon more traditional marketing methods, such as television, radio, posters, and flyers. With the change in how the world operated, being more connected than ever, marketing had to adapt. It broke away into a whole new category: digital marketing. While many companies still rely on the more traditional methods, digital marketing is the more popular and is likely to continue upward. This article proves this is the case.

You Can’t Run An Online Business Without Digital Marketing 

Any online business that doesn’t run digital marketing campaigns is missing out on extremely valuable opportunities to compete and attract the attention of new customers. The reality is that a business can’t grow without this digital input. A company will remain invisible and will have no brand recognition. Competing becomes next to impossible, especially when companies in the same industry use digital marketing and build strong visibility and wide brand awareness, among many other things. This is why 63% of enterprises have already increased their digital marketing budgets – they understand the importance of investing in digital marketing and what it can do for their brand in the digital world. 


The flexibility that digital marketing grants businesses is one of the driving forces behind why more than half of all companies who are investing in marketing are choosing to focus on digital marketing. Everyone who sets aside a budget for digital marketing can scale as and when needed, as proven by High Value Digital, a marketing agency in Phoenix whose main mission is to support startups as they enter their digital marketing journey for the first time. Regardless of a client’s budget, goals, or any challenges they may face, digital marketing agencies can offer scalable solutions that can grow as they do. 


Most businesses will understand that they have to spend money in the first place, but this doesn’t mean they can’t find ways to save on this investment and still get a great ROI on it. In this case, digital marketing is the most cost-effective option mostly because companies can easily evaluate their methods to see if they are working. If they aren’t, they can re-work their current strategies and avoid losing too much investment. The fact that businesses can create blog posts, social media posts, and emails all for free if they have the talent in-house, and social media ads don’t cost the earth, it is no wonder that more businesses are turning to this rather than traditional methods, and will continue to do so, particularly as it is not possible to track traditional marketing methods. 

Can Increase Engagement With The Modern Audience 

According to recent research, the average time people spent online in 2022 was around 147 minutes, which has increased from an average of 90 minutes ten years ago. Since 2012, there has been an increase in how long people spend online, sometimes keeping consistent figures but never dropping. Furthermore, 59% of the world’s population uses social media, spending an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes there. The stats make one thing particularly clear: the internet is where you will find your audience, both young and old. Digital marketing enables you to connect and engage where they spend their time and feel most comfortable. The stats are only likely to increase with time, proving once again that digital marketing will continue to rise as the demand is there.