Despite the progress being made on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, a large majority of U.S. adults, are skeptical but say will eventually choose to get the vaccine. These are the conclusions of a new Colling Media Snapshot Survey.

The Colling Media Snapshot Survey was conducted on November 17-18, 2020 and canvassed 543 adults 18+ from throughout the United States. The study’s purpose was to determine to what extent people will choose to accept a Covid-19 vaccine.

Top findings of the Snapshot Survey include:

• 58% of U.S. consumers say they are either “very likely” or “likely” to get the vaccine when it becomes available, with an additional 16% saying they are “somewhat likely.”

• 19% of U.S. consumers say they are either “somewhat unlikely,” “unlikely,” or “very unlikely” to get the vaccine.

• 21% of survey respondents say they want to the first in line when the vaccine becomes available, but 67% say they intend to wait a while to see how it goes.

• 83% of people say they will eventually get the vaccine, but 17% say they intend never to get it.

“It’s telling that 67% of people in our survey say that they do not intend to rush to get the vaccine,” said Brian Colling, CEO of Colling Media. “While most consumers do intend to get the vaccine, a large portion (17%) say they won’t.  Government and health entities clearly have some selling to do. We highly recommend that an intensive advertising awareness campaign be conducted to educate consumers about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.”

Among those who say they will never get the vaccine, there is great skepticism about the vaccine’s safety, side effects, and effectiveness, given how fast it was developed. Some cite distrust of the government for choosing not to get the vaccine.

The original survey results can be found here: Public Remains Skeptical About a Covid-19 Vaccine, But Most Say They Will Consent

Topline Results:

How likely are you to get the vaccine for Covid-19 (coronavirus) when it becomes available?

• 38% – Very likely

• 20% – Likely

• 16% – Somewhat likely

• 8% – Neither likely nor unlikely

• 7% – Somewhat unlikely

• 3% – Unlikely

• 9% – Very unlikely

Do you want to be the first in line for a Covid-19 (coronavirus) vaccine or what a little to see how it goes?

• 21% – I want to be the first in line.

• 67% – I will wait a while to see how it goes.

• 13% – I don’t plan to get the vaccine.

Do you think you will eventually choose to get the vaccine for Covid-19 (coronavirus)?

• 83% – Yes

• 17% – No