As QR codes become popular among businesses and marketers today, how does adding a logo on QR codes affect their businesses?

Heading towards a digitally-driven society, the use of a QR code with logo is one of the ideal marketing tools businessmen should opt for as a means to improve customers’ experience with their brand and increase sales. Having a logo on QR codes attract consumers and increases its scanning rate as the QR codes become more reliable.

What is a QR code?

QR code stands for Quick Response code, it is a two-dimensional barcode type designed for a fast reading and greater storing capacity compared to the traditional barcode. A QR code has two varying types, static and dynamic QR codes.

The use of dynamic QR code is most common to businesses due to its ability to hold multimedia contents and unlike static QR code, dynamic QR code can be edited and tracked which made them cost-efficient to businessmen.

The types of QR codes that you can create with dynamic QR codes are PDF QR codes, H5 page QR code, menu QR code online, Multi-URL QR code, and File QR code.

What is a QR code generator with logo?

A QR code generator allows users to create QR codes with their distinguished brand’s or company’s logo. It is a digital tool used to improve QR code design by adding logo, customizing its colors and patterns, and placing a call for action. This QR code generator with logo supports any brand-related content like articles, videos, social media, and marketing campaigns.

5 notable reasons why businesses should opt for QR code generator with logo

With the extreme rise of business industries, the market becomes tougher among businessmen. One way to improve their marketing campaigns is to use a more competitive QR code that incorporates their logos.

1. Build a QR code Identity

Integrating logo on QR code makes the QR code identifiable from their competitors. It also promotes safety and increases the scanning rate as the QR code looks reliable to the customers.

2. Boost brand awareness

Making use of QR codes with their business or brand logo intensifies people’s awareness of their brands. By just deploying QR codes with their logos on different platforms, their brands become widespread and known to people.

3. Generates decent QR codes

Being a trusted business or brand, businessmen should also make their QR codes look decent or professional as the codes reflect their companies. It’s no secret that having decent QR codes attract people to scan without having a second thought of doing so.

4. Makes QR code more competitive

In fact, adding logo on a QR code makes it more competitive in the market compared to a plain black and white QR code. Needless to say, businesses that use QR code generators with logo gain more advantage over their competitors.

5. Reliable and secure QR codes

As QR code fraud is rampant nowadays, some people are hesitant to scan QR codes found on online platforms unless they see the logos of known brands or companies on the QR codes. With the use of a QR code generator with logo, these activities by scammers can be avoided.


To boost customers’ engagement and leveraging their experience with the brand, the use of a QR code generator with logo becomes a must among businesses. Through the use of the best QR code generator with logo software, businesses can gain a great advantage over their rival companies as competition in the market becomes tougher.