August 28, 2022

AZ Business Magazine

Quantum Fiber is coming to Arizona

Quantum Fiber is connecting more families and small businesses with fiber internet expansions in more than 20 markets across 12 states. Quantum Fiber is built for the always-online home and small business, with a focus on symmetrical high-speed fiber connectivity and a fully enabled digital customer experience offering:   

Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit Broadband speeds   

• 99.9% reliability 

• Symmetrical upload and download speeds 

• No contracts, no bundles, no data caps 

• 100% digital ordering and subscription-based billing 

With nearly 29,000 fiber route miles in Arizona today, Quantum Fiber is investing to bring fiber to additional communities in and around Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and Tucson. Additional investments from Quantum Fiber and the Arizona Broadband Development Grant Program will bring fiber to the Gila Bend area as well as help meet the state’s larger connectivity goals for rural and underserved areas.  

“As we continue to invest in and expand our fiber footprint, our work with local governments and municipalities is key to helping bridge the digital divide and deliver an exceptional fiber internet experience for residents and small businesses,” said Maxine Moreau, Lumen’s president of mass markets. “We know customers need high-speed symmetrical and reliable broadband service. Powered by technology upgrades in the communities we serve, Quantum Fiber provides the consistent, fast connectivity needed for remote learning, remote work applications, telehealth, entertainment and connecting with the important people in our lives.” 

Connecting communities nationwide 

Work is underway to bring Quantum Fiber to homes and businesses in cities nationwide, including: 

• Arizona 

• Colorado 

• Florida 

• Idaho 

• Iowa 

• Minnesota 

• Nebraska 

• New Mexico 

• Nevada 

• Oregon 

• Utah 

• Washington  

Providing gigabit and multi-gigabit speeds, the expansion will provide the fast and reliable connectivity critical to today’s modern communities. Check current availability in your area: 

Quantum Fiber strongly supports closing the digital divide and continues to work closely with communities, government officials and policymakers on creative public-private partnerships, including state and federal grant opportunities, to bring high-speed internet services to more American homes and businesses.