Here are the Top 10 mechanical contractors in Arizona, based on public voting for the 2023 edition of Ranking Arizona, the state’s biggest and most comprehensive business opinion poll. Ranking Arizona is based purely on opinion and ranks companies based on how voters answer this simple question: with whom would you recommend doing business?

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Here are the Top 10 mechanical contractors (staff of 155 or more) in Arizona, as featured in the 2023 edition of Ranking Arizona

1. Bel-Aire Mechanical

BACKGROUND: Bel-Aire Mechanical, LLC. celebrates 36 years of contributing to the growth and evolutionary progress of the HVAC industry in Arizona. From its modest beginning, the journey to the present has been built on valued relationships with employees and clients. Bel-Aire began primarily contracting sheet metal HVAC projects. Bel-Aire rapidly expanded into a complete mechanical contractor by adding all phases of plumbing and pipe fitting. Over the past 12 years, Bel-Aire Mechanical has invested a great deal of resources and efforts to grow its commercial/industrial services and its state-of-the-art pipe fabrication operations. Today, Bel-Aire’s service operations team is one of the largest and most respected teams in Arizona. Bel-Aire Mechanical’s fabrication shops are second to none.

STRENGTH OF STAFF: “Our team is built around some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in this industry. Our HVAC, plumbing, piping and sheet metal trades people have had and continue to receive the absolute finest cutting edge training. They are men and women who take pride in their crafts. Our experienced veterans help to mentor the entry level team members with their knowledge and skills.”

TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2023: “The greater Maricopa County area has really become a highly desirable location for growth. High Tech, Manufacturing and Health Care are all expanding their footprint. The trend for greater emphasis on sustainability, super high efficiency even Net Zero building construction all bode well for the future of our industry.”

2. IMCOR – Interstate Mechanical Corporation

3. Midstate Mechanical

4. Comfort Systems USA Southwest

5. TDIndustries

6. Pueblo Mechanical & Controls

7. W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors

8. HACI Mechanical Contractors

9. RKS Plumbing & Mechanical

10. University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors

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