Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm as it has impacted every stream of life. In July, Arizona has averaged 947 new cases per day, a 117 percent jump from June numbers. While vaccinations are being provided to the public, offices have begun to resume work during this pandemic. After more than a year of being locked in due to quarantine rules, resuming work can take a toll on us mentally and physically.

Lockdown has affected us all in several ways and feeling confused, worried, and uncertain is absolutely normal. While working from the comfort of your home has been beneficial, going back to work, meeting people, friends, and clients will require you to adhere to safety protocols presented by the government. As much as mental health has affected adults, the mental well-being of youth has worsened as well. Making it very difficult for people to adjust to this new world.

Now adjusting to this new life can be stressful and overwhelming which can impact your health. If you are the employer, you need to ensure the safety of the people at work by providing daily temperature checks, oxygen levels, and office sanitization.

It is also important that you consult with your employees regarding resuming work and ensure all business procedures are followed. The return to work letter is an official letter presented by the company that includes all the safety protocols and guidelines that an employee must follow. If you are in search of a return to work template, explore Realia Project for all types of printables online for business and personal use as well.

In this article, we will look at some important tips that can mentally prepare you as you resume work during the coronavirus pandemic:

Talk to your manager

Some businesses allow their employers to choose whether they prefer returning to work or continue working remotely or you have been assigned to resume work in the coming days. Remember to talk to your manager regarding any conflicts or concerns regarding safety protocols or your wish to work remotely. As people have been affected by the lockdown differently, your employer may help you in adjusting to the new norms. Being upfront with any issue can help you resume work easily with the right mindset.

Plan ahead

Once you have decided to resume work, it is important that you plan and prepare in advance. For instance, you can plan your travel routes, transport, and request traveling off-peak hours. Eating out may sound good but consider cooking home-cooked meals for your lunch break at work. Ensuring you’re well-informed with all guidelines and safety protocols while traveling and at work. Using digital payments for transport or fuel for your vehicle while helping you avoid unwanted physical transactions with people. These are just some things you can consider and plan before you resume work.

Be hygienic

Workplace cleanliness is one of the important safety norms that will protect you and your colleagues. While a clean and sanitized workplace will help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It is advisable that you maintain the other guidelines such as maintaining a safe distance from your colleagues, avoiding handshakes or any kind of physical touch, avoid business travel meetings, and so on. Ensuring that the office is well ventilated can help reduce the spread of this disease. Knowing that your workplace environment is safe will help you focus on your tasks and increase productivity.

Speak to a health professional

Anxiety, stress, or depression have been the most common symptoms found in people who have been quarantined alone away from their family and friends. Resuming work with the right mental well-being will ensure that you can combat post-lockdown anxiety as well as social anxiety. If you are unable to overcome the stress, you can consider meeting a health professional who is trained to deal with mental health problems. They can guide you through different meditations and therapies that can help you overcome your health issues.

Be flexible

Everyone will be resuming work or at least a portion of the staff will be back at work. Each of them has gone through their own trials and struggles during the lockdown. While everyone is readjusting to the new work-life, ensure that you are supportive, caring, and have an understanding approach. This will also help build morale in the workplace and also boost confidence in your colleagues while they return to work. At first, many will refrain from any curricular activities but with the right precautions and safety, it can be a great place to show positivity and discuss any concerns or conflicts.

Find your new balance

With offices and businesses opening up as most COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. As much as it can be liberating you should learn to cultivate good habits during this time. Going for walks, jogging, home exercise, a balanced diet, sleeping well, and maintaining good hygiene can keep you in good health mentally and physically. You can even consider joining community groups and programs that create awareness of the virus and vaccinations. Even as you travel to work, you can consider listening to music that improves your mood as you resume work.

While these are just some tips that can help you prepare for your work post-pandemic. Keep in mind that you find a way that helps improve your mental health. Whether meeting family or friends, ensure that you follow all safety protocols. If you are parents with shared child custody, maneuvering during these times can be difficult, these tips can help.

Monitor your health at all times. If you notice any kind of COVID-19 symptoms, immediately quarantine yourself and seek help from your doctor or a medical professional. Above all stay safe, wear a mask, and be kind to yourself!