July 20, 2021

Emily Taylor

Revealed! The causes of brand inconsistency

As a business within a saturated market, trying to stand apart from your competitors is easier said than done. Your products and services might outrank those of your competition, yet their success far succeeds your own. You might be regularly gaining customers, but are struggling to keep them. Consumers are confused about what you offer, yet your services match those of your rivals. All these factors point to one simple explanation – brand inconsistency.

Brand inconsistency isn’t just frustrating to contend with, it also has a negative impact on your ROI, it makes it difficult for potential customers to trust you, and leaves nothing for current clients to stick around for. Battling your competitors is an ongoing struggle, but resolving your brand inconsistency issues is a mountain you can climb. Understanding what is causing your brand inconsistencies can help you manage and maintain a better brand image and benefit from a better ROI.

Want to know more? Let’s explore the main causes of brand inconsistency.

Digital Asset Management Is Non-Existent

As a growing business, you’ll have a variety of digital assets that complement the core values of your enterprise. Your digital assets are the blueprint of your business therefore it’s important that assets such as your logo, colour palette, images, company branding, presentations and marketing content are kept consistent across every platform and interaction. Investing in DAM software can help ensure that these assets are identical and with document management applications, all important data is easier to retrieve, has strict version control measures and improves levels of collaboration across your business. For more information on what is document management, click the link.

DAM organizes these files, providing a streamlined system that accelerates collaboration, security and eliminates potential flaws such as lost or misplaced work, all this in turn enhances brand consistency and integrity.

A Lack of Training

When you onboard new employees it’s important that branding and brand awareness is a leading factor within their training. Brand training evokes a sense of loyalty within your employees and helps them communicate a consistent message when dealing with customers and potential clients. Sharing accurate information and maintaining your company values and voice with every interaction. Employees who struggle to understand the importance of brand awareness may be inadvertently confusing customers and making trust within your client base difficult.

Relying on Trends

Keeping on top of marketing trends makes sense, it’s a proactive approach that ensures your own brand doesn’t look dated or fall behind. However, changing your brand image to suit current trends can seriously harm your integrity and confuse consumers about what you offer. Just because new trends emerge, doesn’t mean you have to scramble to match them. Keeping your company unique and consistent is always the best approach, after all, clients may like new and shiny things, but ultimately they like familiarity and what they know!

Final Thoughts…

Focusing on your brand guidelines and investing in DAM software can help you maintain a strong, consistent image that your clients will trust. Avoid the mistakes above to strengthen your brand image.