September 23, 2022

Erin Robinson

Revolutionizing business security with remote guarding

Every day, more and more business owners are discovering the wonders of using Remote Guarding systems. Compared to traditional security methods, this state-of-the-art security solution actually works by preventing security threats and crime even before they happen. This is as opposed to only providing footage of what happened after the crime has occurred.

Remote guarding systems combine military grade analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these works to significantly improve security levels across multiple industries and businesses. But how does remote security or guarding systems work? In what ways does this system support the healthy and profitable growth of business? In this article, we’ll look into the different benefits you can out of switching from a traditional security solution to a customized remote security or guarding system.

Benefits of Remote Security and/or Guarding Solution

1. Reduce long-term crime rates

Over time, the installation of an effective remote security and guarding system has been shown to effectively lower or reduce long-term crime rates. This can be associated with the huge increase in difficulty levels for criminals in bypassing the security solution installed on the property. Over the course of a few weeks or months, you’ll hear that there are fewer local criminals that try to break into private homes and protected facilities. Several studies have been conducted to support this claim.

2. Lowers liability and risk levels

Another benefit to installing a remote security and guarding system is that it helps reduce the risk and liability levels. Remote guards are capable of notifying on-site security guards of any suspicious activity on a property. Security cameras on-site record the property 24/7, making sure to capture any high-risk or vulnerable area on video.  These all becomes very useful information in the off chance that any sort of crimes such as theft, break-ins, security breach, accident, or fight breaks out within the property.

There is usually a lack of proof or evidence whenever an employee, customer, or visitor makes a claim and sues a business or company. But, when you have high-quality video footage as proof, you can immediately resolve any issues and avoid fraudulent lawsuits that can affect your company’s reputation.

Insurance companies also offer discounts to businesses and companies that install remote guarding security systems. This is because they are aware of how installing such systems significantly reduce the risk levels in organizations. Businesses can make huge savings in legal expenses, insurance costs, and prevent major theft from happening by installing a remote security and guarding solution within their premises.

3. Identifies an provide protection to vulnerable areas

Most of the times, criminals are able to breach the security and break into private and commercial properties due to poorly protected “weak spots” around the property. These weak spots may refer to areas where the security camera coverage doesn’t cover, or maybe there is a hole in the fence that grants access to a restricted area. Seasoned and professional criminals know how to search for and exploit the weak spots of private and commercial properties. They use these weak spots to their advantage so they can carry on and do their crimes. Fortunately, remote guarding systems work to address these problems immediately.

One of the first steps a remote security and guarding system does is to perform a forensic analysis of the property. This will help them identify which areas are vulnerable and suggest ways to secure those areas as effectively as possible. Make sure the remote security company you hire has enough experience in this matter so you can improve the security of your property.

4. Help you build relationships with local police and law enforcement

It can be greatly beneficial for home and business owners to foster a great relationship with their local police and law enforcement agencies. Fortunately, this is one benefit that you can get when you have a good remote security system in place.

A good remote security and guarding system will help you establish relationship with local police force and law enforcement agencies around the country. They do this by providing assistance to officers in the event of crimes or suspicious activities. Remote guarding systems actually lower the chances of false alarms which, in turn, help free up law enforcement resources for more important and major incidents or emergencies.

In addition, many security agents working for security companies work together with local police and law enforcement agencies to make sure they are able to respond appropriately and safely in the event a crime takes place on a facility. They can provide the criminal’s exact location and inform officers whether the suspects are armed or not. A collaboration as valuable as this can make a huge difference to a business’ security, because officers know that a call from their property can mean that something serious is really happening, instead of just another false alarm.

5. Provides peace of mind during overnight hours

Most business owners and managers get stressed over overnight security. This is because they worry about how their property is prone to attacks during the night. There have been many incidences where business owners arrive at work the next day and see how their place has been trashed or vandalized. False alarms during the night can also lead to unwanted or unnecessary stress during times of rest.

With the help of a remote security and guarding system, you can resolve such issues and have the peace of mind you really need. Security agents work all through the night together with remote guards to chase away trespassers and stop crimes from happening. Any incidents that do happen are addressed properly by the agents and law enforcement officers, if needed. In the morning, business owners are notified of a daily activity report showing any incidents that may have taken place during the night.


To sum it up, remote guarding systems offer home and business owners all around the world a lot of important benefits. Proactive prevention of crime is possible only when a security system is able to reduce liability levels effectively, improve partnerships with law enforcement, and provide peace of mind.