Being a roofing Contractor, You and your employees must be exposed to various risks in your job daily. For example, you must come across the risk of falling from a ladder or risk of damage to one’s property. The expenses to these sometimes can be intensively unbearable to such an extent that it can also make you bankrupt in some cases.

To overcome the expenses, you might need good Roofers liability insurance and transfer your unbearable burden of the expense to a company.

Roofer liability insurance can be accessible in these risks. 

What is roofer liability Insurance? 

Roofer liability insurance is one of the essential roofer contractor insurance, which a roofing contractor must have. It also refers to General liability insurance that covers almost every expense of a customer’s property loss or damage. It can also cover the cost of a lawyer if, in any case, the customer drags you to court. 

More precisely, the effectiveness of Roofer liability Insurance can be understood by the following Instance:

One of your employees falls from a ladder during the roofing process at the owner’s house, which causes damage to the owner’s property. Now, this ultimately lets you pay the huge bill of expenses or damages because of your employer.  

However, without Roofers liability insurance, you have to pay thousands of dollars to compensate for the expenses of damage and lawyer.

 On the other hand, If You Have Roofer Liability Insurance, It will act as a financial assistant that covers all of the expenses of damage and lawsuit.

With Roofers liability insurance, You can get a claim of up to $30,000 which can be enough to compensate for the expenses of damage. 

Who is Eligible to take advantage of liability Insurance

You and the person related to your roofing business are directly eligible to take advantage of Roofers liability insurance. The insurance may protect you, your partner, your employees, and other company members against the unbearable damages at your workplaces.

Monetary Benefits of Roofers Liability Insurance

There are abundant monetary benefits one can enjoy due to Roofers liability Insurance. Some are as follows:

• Court fees 

• Cost of police reports 

• Fees of attorneys

• Any other cost that is related to the lawsuit 

• Various claims to compensate the expenses  

Various Dimensions the Roofers Liability Insurance covers

• Physical Injuries: if another person gets injured due to you or your company, The roofer’s liability insurance covers it.

• Customer’s Property Damages: If there are any damages caused to a customer’s property by you or your company, this insurance will cover that also. 

• Damages of any rented equipment: If any damage is caused to any rented equipment, The Roofers insurance eventually covers it.

• Advertising Injuries: While advertising or doing your business, if by chance you copy any other person’s style, eventually the Roofers liability insurance covers it.

 Various dimensions are not covered under Roofers liability insurance, such as :

• Personal loss: The Roofers liability insurance does not cover any personal loss such as damage to personal property such as a vehicle or other or any personal injury due to an accident. 

• Employees Compensation: The Roofers liability Insurance does not cover any compensation to the employee in the case of any loss or injury.

Our Verdict

The expenses of the damages to an owner’s property can be unbearable to a normal roofer contractor. However, general liability insurance can be accessible to bear these huge expenses as it covers various dimensions of the damage and poses some wonderful monetary benefits to a roofing contractor.

As per our recommendation, a roofing contractor must have Roofer liability to compensate for the losses and other related risks.