Rose Law Group recently added a very accomplished “Director of Design” to its Land Development Solutions services.  Eduardo Davalos has nearly two decades of experience as an architect with a specialty in 3D modeling, Virtual 3D tours, creation of VR experiences, and Metaverse design and development.

Rose Law Group believes that it’s developer clients could use an enhanced visual experience for talking about their projects to municipalities, investors, and end users.  In addition, Rose Law Group has been assisting with design and development on the metaverse where these services are essential.

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“We literally searched the entire globe for the most talented coding architect and we finally found Eduardo,” RLG founder and president Jordan Rose said.

With the addition of Eduardo, Rose Law Group is now able to offer clients the following  services:

• Highly skilled 3D modelling using many different softwares, including Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender and 3Dsmax.

• 3D renderings and virtual tours of non built architectural projects, a great tool for commercial purposes

• Parametric 3D models and Generative Design, using coding and algorithms to generate responsive 3D models iterating over infinite amount of design possibilities to find the best fit solution for each project

• Designing and creating VR experiences, mostly used to iMmerse a client into its future building or on the metaverse

• Creation of NFT collections, built an algorithm capable of setting up thousands of different 3D space configurations, and can build VR experiences from these 3D models.

• Design and build out of any metaverse experience, including buildings, tokens, event venues, and even creation of games

• Full-service wedding and event planning/implementation, including invitations, NFT favors, etc.

• Uses 3D and design skills to create 3Dspatial experiences and deploy them into different Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, Sandbox and Somnium Space, among others

• Feng Shui strategist for both residential and commercial buildings.

Eduardo speaks Spanish, English, Italian and Norwegian.

When asked what motivates, Eduardo responds “I have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning new things everyday. It is never enough. I hope that the services I provide add value to the RLG’S scope. I’m sure that with Jordan Rose’s vision and sense of innovation we’ll be one step ahead.”