Phoenix-based Runbeck Election Services (Runbeck), an elections services company focused on delivering election printing, equipment and software solutions, announced it has installed 11 new BB700 S2 high-speed inserters adding to the five inserters currently in operation. With this additional equipment, Runbeck now has the ability to manufacture 1.5 million ballot packets each day. In comparison to the 3.8 million ballot packets produced for the 2016 general election, Runbeck estimates they will print and mail 15 million ballot packets for the 2020 general election.

“We have been planning operations for the 2020 election for several years. When the coronavirus pandemic began to hit the United States, we foresaw the increased need for vote-by-mail and immediately placed the order to purchase additional inserters from W+D North America,” said Jeff Ellington, President and COO at Runbeck. “The 11 new inserters are successfully installed, and we stand ready to execute our operations for the general election.”

High-speed inserters are an integral part of the vote-by-mail process. The BB700 S2 high-speed inserter organizes voting materials to be inserted into a mailing envelope, such as the ballot, voting instructions and return envelope. The inserters are programmed to complete and track that every envelope contains the correct information sent to each registered voter.

Although Runbeck’s capacity for printing and mailing ballots has quadrupled, Ellington explains their production capacity is already filled by both established and new election partnerships. Since March, new states and counties have had to commit to implement vote-by-mail programs. “With our vision to ‘defend democracy,’ we’re proud to have expanded our role in the 2020 general election to protect and execute vote-by-mail programs for jurisdictions nationwide,” said Ellington. “We thank the local and state officials who have trusted us to help them produce a secure and accurate election.”

For the 2020 general election, Runbeck’s vote-by-mail services and other election products and technology will reach more than 70 million voters in over 21 states and the District of Columbia—more than one-third of the estimated number of registered voters in the United States. More information on Runbeck Election Services can be found at