Do you need to send money to a family member or friend? Is the person you have to send money to abroad? Sending money to someone is now easier than ever.

Gone are the days when you had to meet face-to-face with a person to give them money. When you send money, you need to be careful as there are safety issues you might encounter.

There are different options you can choose from. Read this article to learn about the safest ways to send money.

Send Money With a Money Order

If you’re looking to send money safely, consider using a money order. It is an alternative to cash or a personal check. It works like a check as the person who receives it can cash it.

You can buy a money order at a post office or certain grocery stores. Have the name of the payee ready. Fill out the form.

Make sure to keep the receipt. It’ll have a tracking number you can use to verify the delivery of the money order.

Bank Transfers

A safe way to transfer money is via a bank transfer. There are two main forms to choose from.

You can do it via a bank wire transfer. This method involves moving money between banks through a network. It’s fast, reliable, and safe.

You can also send money via an ACH transfer. It’s quick and more cost-efficient than a bank wire transfer.

Use a Peer-to-Peer Tool

Did you know you can use a digital payments network to send money to anyone within the United States? You can use Zelle. This is a safe way to transfer money through your bank.

Zelle works with most major financial institutions. You can get peace of mind knowing that your bank is part of the Zelle network.

If you use Zelle, you can expect the money to reach the recipient within a matter of minutes, if not seconds. This is a free service.

All you have to do is sign up and enter the payee’s phone number. Let the person know you’re sending money. Zelle is a great option to safely send money domestically.

If you’re looking to send money to a person who lives abroad, there are several options. One of the options available is Transferwise.

Through this platform, you can do regular money transfers. You can create a bank account with Transferwise for free, but you do need to make an initial $25 deposit.

This platform has several payment options you can choose from. The payee can receive the money within a matter of seconds.

You might be asking, “Is Transferwise safe?” It’s safe. It has several safety protocols to protect your money.

The Safest Ways to Send Money

If you want to send money to someone, you have to make sure the money gets to them safely. These are some of the safest ways to send money. Use these options to avoid issues.

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