Scottsdale Community Bank announced its dynamic, innovative “Lemonade Stand Microloans” program. This creative concept for small businesses was rolled out during the highly anticipated Grand Opening of Scottsdale Community Bank with Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega, Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions Director Evan Daniels, and Arizona Bankers Association President Paul Hickman in attendance along with over 100 of the bank’s Founders. Scottsdale Community Bank is the first new community bank established in Arizona in over 14 years, and it is unique in combining cutting-edge FINTECH technology and unrivaled speed in operations and decision-making with personal concierge service for every client. This vibrant, new, locally owned and locally managed financial institution is designed to serve and provide loans to small and medium size businesses, family businesses, family offices, the medical field, sports and entertainment entities, the hospitality industry, and non-profit organizations.

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While Scottsdale Community Bank will be providing business loans in the millions of dollars, these microloans of up to $25,000 each are designed for hard working small businesses simply trying to get to the next level. In announcing the program, Scottsdale Community Bank Board Chair George Weisz said that he has kept a miniature lemonade stand on his desk for over 40 years. He said that it is a constant reminder of how so many business owners, as children, started down their path of confidence, people skills, trust, and entrepreneurship. This is why Weisz preaches: “Never pass up a lemonade stand. It can change lives.” Helping to kick off this program at the bank’s Grand Opening was Allison Lefevre, founder of “Something So Worth It”, ( ), a non-profit organization that provides life-changing programs for children with severe disabilities. Once every year, this outstanding group of volunteers sets up lemonade stands across the Valley with all proceeds going to sponsor special activities for these children and their families. Allison set up a full lemonade stand at the bank’s Grand Opening event.

Speaking to the audience, Mayor Ortega cited the tenacity and thoroughness of the bank’s Founders who spent years in preparation to produce a dynamic bank for our dynamic community. Mayor Ortega enthusiastically noted: “For Arizona to have its first new community bank in 14 years located in Scottsdale says volumes about our economic prosperity, especially as Scottsdale emerges so well from challenging times.” Mayor Ortega was impressed with Scottsdale Community Bank’s commitment to the community, its local ownership, and its next-generation technology that allows financial and loan decisions to be made with great speed along with personal touches which include every client having the cell phone numbers of both the President and Board Chair 24/7.

Director Evan Daniels of the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions told the crowd that a bank applicant must travel down a long road of compliance and background checks, and he noted the vital importance of this local ownership group that understands accountability, fiscal responsibility, and a desire to be involved with the community. Director Daniels said he appreciated how the Scottsdale Community Bank met these obligations, and it is also a testament to state and local leadership for producing a thriving business environment in which a bank can flourish.

Arizona Bankers Association President Paul Hickman welcomed Scottsdale Community Bank to this highly regulated industry. While noting that a healthy, vibrant banking industry exists in Arizona, it was also mentioned that our growing state is still underserved in that there are only 9 community banks operating In Arizona while hundreds operate in our neighboring states of Texas and California. AzBA President Hickman complimented the “highly respected, dedicated leadership of Scottsdale Community Bank which brings creative technology, energy, and new resources to our state’s thriving financial services landscape.”

Bank Board Chair George Weisz told the group how proud they can all be for the steadfast work in seeing our vision become reality. Weisz said: “This is a historic and financially spectacular accomplishment. We put together one of the finest banking leadership teams in the nation which has a local commitment with a global vision. We want to be the BEST bank, a bank that our Founders, clients, staff, peers, and regulators point to as the model for what others should strive to achieve. This is a TRUE home-grown community bank!” Weisz added: “I am very proud to serve alongside a tremendously dedicated Board of Directors who have sacrificed time and resources, over years, to build this amazing financial institution.”

Scottsdale Community Bank President/CEO Neill LeCorgne discussed the bank’s state-of-the art technology and gave demonstrations to attendees of the bank’s unique platforms and processes which provide unmatched speed combined with incredible thoroughness. In noting the bank’s exceptional personal service, LeCorgne, a highly respected banker with extensive tech experience, said: “We do house calls. You may never need to step one foot into our office because we will come to wherever you conduct business to handle your transaction thru secure tablet technology. Our office will be wherever you want us to be.”

Bank Vice Chair Hemant Patel thanked the Founders for their faith in our enterprise as it methodically made its extensive preparations, including during the challenges of Covid. Patel said: “This is now the best time to be starting a bank, especially when our local businesses are rebounding from Covid and need a local community bank’s resources and partnerships now more than ever.”

Weisz also complimented Governor Ducey and Sandra Watson who heads the Governor’s Arizona Commerce Authority for their continuous efforts of producing economic prosperity for our state. The state programs combined with the incredible constant work of our local Chambers of Commerce, city economic development personnel, and tribal enterprises including the outstanding foresight of our neighboring Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community is what is allowing businesses in Arizona to thrive during our challenging times. They have all worked together to produce a vibrant economic climate that allows our bank to be successful. Weisz also expressed appreciation to the outstanding staff of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions who carry out their responsibilities with professionalism and accountability combined with a cooperative spirit to ensure that we have a healthy financial industry.

Scottsdale Community Bank is fully operational, eager, and passionate about serving the community and the entire state. The business community is invited to see the “can do” difference that a combination of hi-tech and TRUE personalized service can make to enhance any business.

WANT TO BECOME A CHERISHED CHARTER CLIENT OF ARIZONA’S NEW BANK? Simply contact Bank President/CEO, Neill LeCorgne,, 480-750-1000.  More information can be found on the Bank’s website: