If your brand is to grow in the year 2021, you have to embrace SEO. This is after social media’s importance in driving traffic reduced from 2017. This is primarily because Google is seemingly the preference for most people who want to get information on any product or service. You can improve your Google search engine results and get to the top of the results through SEO.

However, when doing SEO, there are mistakes that you must avoid because they may end up harming your reputation.

Sticking with the traditional SEO techniques

As the internet changes, SEO changes too, and to stay on top of search results; you have to keep up with the changes and embrace modern techniques. Applying the traditional SEO techniques could end up in you being penalized. Keyword stuffing, PBNs, and such conventional methods are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Not updating yourself

As said before, SEO is dynamic, and so many things are changing. What worked previously may not be working today, and therefore you have to keep updating yourself. Failure to do that, you could miss out on a significant update, which affects your website and loses out on valuable traffic. Google keeps releasing updates and therefore keep doing your research so that you take advantage of any new trend- that will keep you on top of the competition.

Not being mobile-friendly

Research has shown that More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile searches. With over 3 billion Smartphone users worldwide, you know it’s an enormous market that you can take advantage of. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then Google will consider the site unfriendly. That means you will not be ranked on the search engines. You first have to make the website mobile-responsive even before thinking of other access gadgets like the desktop. That will increase your web visibility.

Page speed and mobile-friendliness are the leading ranking factors for Google. Thus if you want to get SEO success and grow your business, you shouldn’t ignore mobile.

Unclear SEO goals

Before you set out doing SEO for your website, you must have some clear goals. If you aren’t confident of what you want to achieve through your web SEO, you will not grow it. Planning enables you to devise a strategy that will ensure you rank on top of search results. If you engage haphazard strategy, you will get nowhere with SEO. Be clear on your goals, and get the perfect Search Engine Optimization professional to help you achieve your set goals. This is the same person you’ll need to keep monitoring the effectiveness of your strategies.

Preferring search engines over people

A prevalent mistake with many website owners is trying to do their SEO for the search engines. That means you develop content easily picked by Google algorithms and rank your site on top. That never works anymore. You have to design and create content for the user- these are the people you’ll need to buy your products or services. Your business doesn’t depend on search engines but on real customers.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that will give you long-term results and help your business prosper in 2021 and beyond. Get a reputable professional and let them guide you on the best way to do SEO and avoid costly mistakes.