Did you know that over 90% of Americans are in favor of expanding solar power? Not only can it make the air much cleaner but many believe it can save them money.

However, if the solar panel installation cost is too high, for instance, then that could cancel out any financial benefits.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I get solar panels?” Keep reading to learn about how much they cost and if they’re worth the investment.

How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to solar panel prices, they will of course vary based on brand, quality, and other factors. Most people think if they go with the cheapest type of solar panel, then they’ll save the most money. While this line of thinking makes sense in principle, higher-quality solar panels actually perform better and will increase your savings.

If you’re shopping on a budget, then you should decide on what you’re willing to spend before comparing solar panel types.

The cost of actually installing the panels is something else you should keep in mind. This fee also varies, so you should get quotes from several providers and possibly negotiate for the best price.

You could also help cancel out the cost of solar panels by taking advantage of any solar rebates or incentives in your area. This will take a bit of research but it could prove to be quite fruitful. For instance, aside from incentives from the state and municipality level, there’s also a 26% solar tax credit offered by the federal government.

Are They Worth It?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Do you really save money with solar panels?”

To calculate your potential savings, you should first be aware of how much your electric bill tends to be. Depending on where you live, the cost of electricity can vary quite significantly. If your electric bill is already very low, then it won’t make financial sense to invest in solar panels.

Conversely, if you’re bill is often high, then you should seriously think about making the change. That way, you’ll be free of the electric company because solar panels can be thought of as your own miniature power plant.

The best solar panel providers will be able to calculate your potential savings by using a kind of ‘solar calculator.’ It will take into consideration your current electric bill, solar panel cost, and installation cost.

When you can see for yourself the amount of money you can save, you’ll know for sure if the investment is worth it.

Should I Get Solar Panels?

Now that you’ve learned all about the price of solar panels and whether they’re worth it, you can start making the change today.

Have friends or family ever asked you, “Should I get solar panels?” If so, you can tell them all about it.

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