3 trends in optimization for entrepreneurs

Business News | 18 Aug, 2019 |

The adage “time is money” has never been more true for entrepreneurs. Starting a new business is tough enough before you factor in household responsibilities and today’s tech distractions.

With that said, habits are powerful. Entrepreneurial optimization is all about implementing habits that help you work efficiently, deliver a quality product, and build relationships effectively. 

Habits to Keep Entrepreneurs on Track

You’ve already pioneered products or services to solve problems once thought to be unsolvable, so don’t let productivity issues hold you back. To maximize your workday:

1. Focus on your focus.

It’s no secret the internet is full of distractions, but most professionals can’t simply turn off their Wi-Fi at work. If you find that you often wander over to social media, try using selective website blockers to remove the temptation during your busiest hours.

For real-world distractions, try taking CBD. Don’t worry: the hemp-derived compound is entirely legal, and it’s already popular among office workers. The compound has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including reducing anxiety, and was recently studied as a wake-inducing substance. You might not want to ditch your coffee entirely, but incorporating CBD into your workday routine could help you be less anxious and more present. CBD oil can be added to morning coffee, or CBD gummies are an alternative way to get a controlled dose anytime.

2. Make time for meditation. 

Much like CBD, meditation is increasingly popular across a wide variety of demographics. The practice has been linked to a wide variety of health benefits. Meditation can reduce stress, improve memory, enhance focus, and even boost life satisfaction. The ancient Indian practice is particularly helpful for tuning into your emotions, which is key to building your emotional intelligence. 

When you’ve got a stressful meeting or deadline, set aside time before or afterward to sit in silence. Meditation lets you pause, breathe, and then respond to challenging situations. And since it requires such a small amount of time to start seeing benefits, meditation might actually be the best investment that you can make in your own (and your company’s) optimization. 

3. Outline your day.

Approaching your days intentionally is important for everyone, but particularly for entrepreneurs. Lengthy meetings and email interruptions can make it tough to devote time to your projects. Don’t let yourself be sidelined by the small stuff. Block out time on your schedule to respond to messages at the beginning and end of your day, rather than intermittently checking your inbox while you’re working on other tasks.

When you’re planning your day, minimize the time you spend in meetings. When possible, limit meeting duration to 30 minutes or less. Ask whether weekly meetings could actually happen monthly. Spend the time you save focusing on results and self-care.

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to optimization, but few realize the power of simple habits. Stay focused, make time to think, and stick to your schedule. There’s no better formula, frankly, for turning time into money.


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