When you own a business that ships its products to people, you often need to customize when you choose packaging because of the shape or the weight of the products you sell. If you think finding personalized packaging is going to be complicated or too expensive, think again. The companies that offer this type of packaging work hard to make sure you get just what you need without paying a high price for it. Below are a few examples of why choosing customized packaging might benefit you more than you think.

1. It Is Perfect for Oddly Shaped or Extra-Heavy Items

Standard packages can damage products that are heavier than usual or those with unusual shapes or sizes, but choosing packaging that is custom-made eliminates these and many other problems. It is often difficult to secure the items inside of a standard-sized package because the usual amount of padding and disposable peanuts might not work with items that have unusual shapes or weights.

With custom packaging, you’ll never have this problem because the package is made specifically for your product. That means you’ll get the perfect fit every time, enabling the product to stay secure while in transit and guaranteeing it will arrive at its destination safely.

2. It Is Perfect for Very Fragile Items

Just like extra-heavy or oddly shaped items, fragile items usually require packaging that is made just for them. A lot of custom-made packages are made out of wood, which means the products inside are going to be secure and safe regardless of how far away their final destination is. Wooden packages also mean the package itself will be much sturdier, meaning the chances of something breaking during transit are extremely slim.

3. You Can Have Your Logo Printed on Custom-Made Packaging

Whether your custom packaging is made out of wood or corrugated cardboard, it is much easier to have your logo printed on each package because it is being made specifically for your business. This means that regardless of which company you use to ship your products — whether it’s you or a third-party company — it will look like it’s coming directly from your business every time.

One of the advantages of this is the customers’ image of you as a business. In short, you will look more professional and trustworthy, and your customers will know that you take your relationship with them seriously, which goes a long way in helping them become long-term customers.

4. Customized Protection Items Are Part of the Package

When you choose to use custom-made packaging, you also get customized protective materials to make sure the items are tight and secure inside. This is a huge advantage because after all, what good is the packaging if the protective materials inside can’t accommodate your product? The package and the protective materials have to work together when you have products with specialized needs, and the right company will make sure you get both each time you prepare to ship your products with them.

5. You Can Often Save a Lot of Money Using Customized Packages

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to save some money when you use custom-made packages, especially if you have an extra-small or lightweight product. Standard packaging only comes in so many sizes and, therefore, can’t accommodate every business, but with custom packaging you’ll get the exact size you need, which is unlikely to add any significant extra weight to your package. 

A customized package usually qualifies for discount rates at various shipping companies and even at your local postal office. Regardless of which method you use, it may very well cost you less to send your products in a customized package than a standard-sized package.