7 reasons your business needs video surveillance

Business News | 20 Jun, 2019 |

Did you know that over 75 percent of small businesses employ some kind of surveillance technology?

They use CCTV which is a video surveillance system comprising of cameras connected in a small loop or circuit.

Some technologies are extremely sophisticated than others. Some features include night vision capabilities, bulletproof casing, and even automatic tracking capabilities. Still, most existing systems are rudimentary.

But all in all, video surveillance has become vital in any business. Here’s why:

1. Prevents Theft and Vandalism

By having cameras installed, you’ll prevent break-ins, vandalism, and more.

Take note that as a business owner, you pay indirectly and directly for vandalism. And according to a recent study, a single incident of vandalism may cost your business about $3,370. Damn!

This high figure emanates from:

• Repair and Replacement

Without business property insurance, the cost of repairing or replacing vandalized property can be costly.

• Business Interruption

Your business might suffer an extended downtime because of vandalized structures and vehicles.

If you think your business isn’t susceptible to vandalism, think again!

Research shows that individuals perpetrate vandalism to express frustration, to make money, to convey a message, to stake revenge, or when playing games.

2. Reduces Costs

One of the major benefits of video surveillance is that it reduces security-related costs.

If anything, having cameras around your entire premises is cheaper than hiring many security officers.

Also, CCTV technology is getting better, thanks to the introduction of high-tech wireless systems that are replacing the traditional fiber optic wiring.

Some of these wireless systems employ a cloud-based deployment model that will make your business security more flexible, easily manageable, and affordable because of the following:

• Lower Deployment and Setup Expenses

A cloud-based model requires less capital expenditure when compared to traditional on-site servers

• Increased Data Security

Cloud infrastructures come with multiple layers of encryption and require user authentication for access. This means that you don’t need to hire people to maintain your surveillance servers.

Additionally, modern cameras are getting less obtrusive and smaller, while also promising better clarity and lower maintenance costs.

3. Access to Real-Time Footage

Without a doubt, it’s crucial for business owners to access live video surveillance as and when required.

Real-time footage benefits both retail and non-retail entities in many ways including:

• Encouraging Good Behavior

CCTV cameras inspire discipline among customers and employees alike. For one thing, people are usually on their best behavior when they know someone is watching.

• Preventing Safety Incidents

CCTV cameras are excellent for preventing hazards in accident-prone and high-risk areas.

• Enable Remote Monitoring

Highly integrated surveillance systems will allow you to monitor the goings-on in your business from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device, laptop or tablet.

With any of these devices, you can log into the security system and access archived footage or view the live stream.

4. Increased Productivity

If you have a factor, a retail business, or a restaurant, better employee efficiency should be the major reason for you to install CCTV cameras.

And in as much as business surveillance comes with privacy concerns, there’s proof showing that the presence of cameras reduces the amount of time your workers spend goofing off.

Nonetheless, ensure to utilize your surveillance system in a way that implies you mistrust your employees. This can negatively impact employee retention and performance.

To ensure that your surveillance system has a positive effect, consider creating an employee monitoring program encompassing:

• An Upfront Approach

Don’t use monitoring secretively. Instead, inform your employees about the surveillance and how it helps you help them while keeping everyone safe.

• A Company Policy

It’s important to establish a policy that defines why the cameras are there, as well as how and when they ought to be operational.

• Limited Use

Keep cameras out of private places like break rooms, changing areas, and lavatories.

5. Prevent Sexual Harassment

Sexual offenses have become quite rampant in the workplace.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received over
7500 sexual harassment complaints resulting in payouts of nearly $43 billion to the plaintiffs.

Luckily, the presence of cameras alone is enough to deter a potential sexual offender. But it can’t be the only solution.

Businesses also need to create a safe environment that ensures all areas are well lit. Don’t forget about the personal safety of employees.

6. Useful Criminal Evidence

Assisting law enforcement in investigations is a top advantage of video surveillance.

Once your business becomes a crime scene, archived footage is usually the fastest way to solve the case. In fact, judges or jurors can make their decisions based entirely on what transpires in a CCTV monitoring footage.

Also, the advancement of technology has brought about distributed intelligence, which covers the gaps in analog security coverage.

Now there are software programs that can pick up activities, events, and specified behavior, as well as send alerts to the security team.

In other words, you don’t have to scan through every minute of footage to keep your premises safe.

7. Fool-Proof Coverage

An efficient and well-designed CCTV system will provide 100% security coverage in your business.

This is because multiple cameras create a security mesh that is easily trackable from one command center.

Basically, there are three kinds of CCTV cameras:

• Indoor Cameras

They monitor indoor activities like burglary attempts, employee behavior, and industrial operations.

• Outdoor 

Mostly used to keep an eye on parking lots and entrances.

• Night Vision Cameras

Excellent for monitoring areas with little or no light.

Bottom line? Video surveillance is one of the most efficient security systems for business.

Invest in Video Surveillance

Looking at these benefits, it’s easy to understand why many business owners install video surveillance.

Simply put, the presence of cameras maximizes your business’s security levels. Thus, ensure to invest in a worthwhile surveillance system, albeit considering ethical issues.

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