Bébé EcoPosh

Photo: Bébé EcoPosh

January 30, 2012

Clarice Wziatek

Bébé EcoPosh Keeps Your Baby’s Health In Mind With Eco-Friendly Products

Being a new parent can be daunting especially when it comes to choosing products that are good for your baby’s health and the environment. But thanks to the launch of Bébé EcoPosh, an online company that went live Dec. 2011, making “green” and healthy choices for your baby just got a lot easier.

Bébé EcoPosh was founded in June 2010 by Stephanie Lee, a mother and an entrepreneur. Lee was faced with the issue of finding earth-friendly items for her baby Sophia, who is the product tester and face of Lee’s company as Little Miss Bébé EcoPosh.

“There was not just one store a new parent could go to purchase them; so, I decided to create my own business,” Lee says. “[At] Bébé EcoPosh, we carry everything from clothing, strollers, skin care and toys; all products that contribute to society in ways that make our planet a better place to live.”

Bébé EcoPosh Products

“We are not just a store; we are a resource for new parents that educates and demonstrates the benefits and features of the products we carry,” Lee says.

One of the biggest choices parents make when trying to go green is the choice between disposable and cloth diapers. Lee was faced with the same decision, until she found gDiapers, a product that let her have the best of both worlds — a product she proudly sells on her website.

“I use [gDiapers] on my daughter Sophia and love that the gRefill liners are flushable; you can even compost them – so, no more smelly nurseries,” Lee says. “Even if you wanted to throw them out, they will break down back into the Earth within 90 days as opposed to the average 500 years a regular plastic diaper takes to break down in the landfill.”

The Bébé EcoPosh site even has an EcoPrinciple rating system that can help customers pick out the products that meet their needs. The online boutique uses the term “eco” to describe not just something that is beneficial to the environment, but also beneficial to the well-being of society, Lee says.

“Our team of posh professionals review and rate each product carried at our store,” Lee says. “The products will be given a score of one through 10 – four being the minimum score possible to be carried by our boutique and 10 being EcoPosh Perfect.”

Bébé EcoPosh Customer Perks

The biggest point Lee wants to make when it comes to promoting her new business is customer confidence and satisfaction. Bébé EcoPosh already has a tiered loyalty program, a 365 day return policy and the ability to live chat with a Bébé EcoPosh representative about products before a purchase.

With the loyalty program, a customer starts receiving points with their first purchase, one point for each dollar spent. When the customer reaches a certain level, one of the perks offered is opting to have $50 donated to a charity of their choice in addition to special promotions.

“We also include as many product demo videos on our website to provide detailed product descriptions,” Lee says.

But the best part is the personal touches used when packaging each customer order.

“When the customer receives their order it arrives wrapped in tissue and includes a ‘Thank You’ card as well as free samples of organic skin care items,” Lee says.

The most unique customer perk is Bébé EcoPosh’s 365-day return policy. The company even pays for the return shipping for the item.

“Having a 365 day return policy allows new parents the peace of mind in knowing that if they don’t use it or need it, they can return eligible items for a full refund,” Lee says. “Before you are a parent you purchase a lot of items, some you may never use; why not allow them to return it?”

While the thrill of being a business owner inspires and drives Lee to succeed, in the end it’s her daughter Sophia who is at the heart of the business.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that I am setting an example for my daughter as being a well-educated, hard-working, business woman,” Lee says. “I want her to grow up and think ‘I can do anything; look at my mom.’ ”