Mike and Julie Leach HeadshotMike Leach, 15-year NFL veteran and current Arizona Cardinals player, and his wife Julie announce the launch of Potty Pals, an innovative, new potty training system they developed. Potty Pals is a multi-faceted system that makes potty training less frustrating for parents and more fun and rewarding for toddlers. It consists of a stuffed animal plush toy that sings and dances every time a child successfully goes to the restroom, a Potty Pals Club book and a Potty Progress Chart with stickers to track achievement. 

“Not only has Mike Leach been one of our team’s most dependable on-field performers, but he and Julie have been just as consistent in their tireless commitment to our community,” said Arizona Cardinals President Michael Bidwill. “I know the passion and energy they have devoted to this project and we are all thrilled to see their hard work paying off with the launch of Potty Pals. Families and our community will benefit from their successful efforts.”

Mike and Julie initially came up with the concept for Potty Pals several years ago while they were potty training their second child. They couldn’t find a comprehensive kit on the market similar to what they had in mind that not only reinforced positive behavior, but also made potty training less daunting. This led them to develop their own system, which was the initial idea for Potty Pals. However, it was the couple’s attendance of the 2014 NFL Consumer Products Boot Camp that spurred them to put a business plan in motion and mass-produce their unique invention. 

“The positive feedback we received at the NFL Consumer Products Boot Camp is really what encouraged us to formally develop the Potty Pals concept,” Mike said. “The Boot Camp taught us an immense amount about intellectual property rights, product testing and gave us the tools we needed to move forward with pursuing a serious business venture.” 

“We’re thrilled to see that Potty Pals is coming to market,” said Samantha Kleinman, manager of NFL Player Engagement. “Our goal in NFL Player Engagement is to assist players and their spouses with achieving success off the field, and it’s great to see that Julie and Mike took advantage of the resources available to them at our Consumer Products Boot Camp to turn Potty Pals into a reality.”

Potty Pals are available in four different character variations, which each have their own personalities, just like children:

·  Larry Lion is full of energy. He is always running outside to play with friends and joins in every sport he can. He isn’t afraid of anything.

·  Katie Kitty is a sweet soul who has a soft voice and enjoys helping others. She adores wearing ribbons in her hair. Her favorite thing in the world is a gentle hug. 

·  Dexter Doggie loves to read books and can’t wait to go to school. He enjoys craft time because he loves to draw and color pictures.

·  Penny Panda can twirl in her pink tutu just like the beautiful ballerinas. She’s always on the move and loves to joke and giggle. 

Potty Pals retail for $34.95 each and can be purchased through PottyPals.com or Amazon Marketplace. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country and an organization in which the Leach family is very involved.