Advertising and graphic design agency Davidson & Belluso recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Since putting their creative juices together, the husband-and-wife team of Rob Davidson and Michela Belluso have branded entities such as the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (whose logo earned the North America’s Excellence in Marketing Award) and the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Working with the Scottsdale Culinary Festival for five years, the duo received many industry awards and created marketing materials for the popular event, which raised more than $3.5M to support local arts and art education charities.

Although the couple had small beginnings as a duo working from home, their business is now thriving with 11 full-time employees, an array of diverse clientele and a contemporary, 10-room office suite.

“When it was only Rob and I, the company was, for better or worse, a direct reflection of ourselves,” says Belluso, owner and creative director. “I look at the company now and, although the two of us are still very much present in the overall vision, the work and culture is the result of our diverse team. Everyone contributes to the company’s success with unique talents and personalities. I’m proud of what we have all built together.”

Davidson & Belluso graphic design teamWhile in recent years there has been a collaboration of many minds, it was Davidson and Belluso who put the gears in motion 10 years ago.

When working at E.B Lane Marketing Communications, the couple came together and left together to start their own business. At the time, Belluso says, she thought of that first year filled with brainstorms and brilliance as thrilling. “Today, looking back, I think it was more like crazy,” she adds.

Davidson & Belluso has survived two major economic downturns since their arrival on the scene in 2001. “Even in a good economy, most start-ups don’t make it to their third year, so the biggest hurdle we’ve overcome is simply staying in business despite the odds,” Belluso says.

Belluso adds that the key to success is honesty.

“You have to be true to yourself and your values,” she says. “You also have to be honest with the people you work with. With honesty you gain trust which leads to confidence. You can’t have success without confidence.”

Their honest approach to business has presented them with many accolades, such as American Graphic Design Awards, MAME Awards, Medallion Awards, Aster Awards in Healthcare Marketing and North America’s Excellence in Marketing Awards. The company has also worked with Childhelp to develop a national preventative program entitled “Speak Up, Be Safe” that teaches elementary students about child abuse and predators. They’ve also donated their time, money and energy to Phoenix-based charities such the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Mountains of Hope, a charity searching for a cure for breast cancer.

Belluso says the duo is focused on satisfying their clients.

“We are listening to our clients and are committed to improving and expanding our services to better serve their needs,” Belluso says. “We have learned a lot in the last 10 years — especially this past year — and we’re ready to start putting what we’ve learned into action.”

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