Green Tara’s Spirulina Crunchies, Spirulina Energy Bites and Spirulina Kale Chips has everybody talking and flashing a green smile. All Green Tara products are raw, vegan and gluten-free – no preservatives, nothing artificial, just pure and delicious.

What is spirulina? Created naturally in lakes, ponds and streams, many people refer to fresh water algae as “pond scum,” however, very simply, spirulina, is one of nature’s healthiest, most nutritious superfoods.

Green Tara’s unique spirulina is grown on a sustainable family farm in Costa Rica, in small pristine pools of water supplied by a deep well of pure, high-alkaline water. Absolutely no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives are used at any time during its production.

Spirulina is a true superfood – some of its many health benefits include nature’s richest source of vitamin B-12, beta-carotene and iron (in a form easily absorbed by our bodies). It is also an extremely high source of (vegetable) protein, containing 400 times more protein than even beef. Dr. Mehmet Oz, the renowned Columbia University professor, touts spirulina as one the most important anti-aging nutritional supplements in existence.
Paul Torok came upon spirulina granules while spending time in Costa Rica. After meeting and becoming friends with the grower and his family, he began bringing back this special spirulina in his luggage to stock up between trips to share with friends and family.

As word started to spread and requests for the spirulina granules meant quantities exceeded the two-bag weight limit allowance of most airlines, he decided it was time to turn a labor of love into a business. In 2010, his better half, Annette Berk, joined the endeavor; they trademarked “Spirulina Crunchies,” formed Green Tara LLC, and opened shop in the Valley of the Sun.

Working together, they began sending samples far and wide to introduce this incredible superfood to one and all. Their passion for making scrumptious healthy food and getting folks to try new foods they wouldn’t ordinarily eat, led to creating treats made with spirulina – especially ones that are kid-friendly.

Green Tara’s products can be found online at, Eco-Bold, Open-Sky and Spencer’s Market, to name a few. In addition, their healthy, tasty products can be purchased directly from their website: