A long-standing business presence on Thomas Road, in the southern part of Scottsdale, is moving north.

Paddock Pools is relocating its corporate headquarters to its already significant presence at the 29,000 square foot Paddock “Superstore” near the Loop 101 and Shea Boulevard.

The building and real estate that had housed the company’s headquarters near 64th Street and Thomas Road were not part of the original transaction and will likely be redeveloped.

Sensing an opportunity with the recovering Arizona housing market and economy, Paddock was purchased in early 2012 from the previous owner, Lincolnshire, which had owned the company since 2005.

“Our instincts were right about buying this company when we did with its rich history and great name.  Business has been brisk,” Owner Craig Maggi said.

Paddock has built pools for many of the Valley’s large resorts, including popular area water parks and tens of thousands of pools in homes since the company’s founding in 1958.  It is one of Arizona’s iconic, blue-chip brands that consumers trust and know, said Maggi.

According to Maggi, part of new ownership’s success has been the result of a renewed focus on pool construction, service and remodeling, what he describes as the original mission of Paddock Pools.

“For decades Paddock Pools has been a premier builder of pools in the communities in which it has served, always being a conscientious citizen of them.   We will continue to emphasize this in the years ahead as we expand the great Paddock name,” Maggi said.