Rick Murray, the Chief Executive Office of the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) since 2012, has announced he will be leaving to take a senior level positon with Bolste, a Scottsdale-based technology company.

“I have had the great honor to work with thousands of small businesses in Arizona and, hopefully, helped advance the economic development of Arizona in this post-recession recovery,” Rick Murray said. “I am an entrepreneur to the core and find the greatest of satisfaction in helping small businesses be successful.”

Under Rick Murray’s leadership, ASBA has evolved into being a major player in the public policy arena. In 2015, Rick was the architect of the equity crowdfunding bill aimed at helping small businesses raise capital. He followed it up this year by getting the Reg. D 504 exemption law passed, another equity crowdfunding bill that allows small businesses to raise capital without the expense associated with traditional crowdfunding.

“Rick’s leadership these past four and a half years has helped us take the next step in the evolution of the Arizona Small Business Association as the continued leader and spokesperson for all small businesses in Arizona,” said Nick Petra, Chairman of ASBA’s Board of Directors.

Murray also developed new opportunities for small business by introducing them to exporting through the Metro Phoenix Export Alliance (MPEXA), which is administered by ASBA. “We recognized with technology, no longer are our customers just in our neighborhood,” Murray stated. “Opening avenues for new sources of business helps not only that small business to diversify its customer base, but it helps the entire state of Arizona by creating new jobs and resources.”

Murray said his decision to leave ASBA is a natural progression to the private sector and will allow him to use his experience to help Bolste grow into a major player worldwide in the communication management arena.

ASBA’s Board of Directors has formed a search committee to begin the process of finding Murray’s successor. Murray’s last day on the job will be July 31.