The Small Business Year In Review 2011 & Outlook For 2012

Being a part of a slow economic recovery can take its toll on anyone, especially those who are trying to maintain and grow a business. Particularly, small business owners have had a lot to overcome throughout 2011, including a credit crunch and general uncertainty about the future. Through it all, they’re heading into 2012 with an optimistic outlook. According to this infographic by Intuit, the company’s Small Business Surveys have tapped into how owners are reflecting on 2011 and how what they expect 2012 to bring.

Own your own company? How have you gotten through 2011, and what do you see on the horizon for 2012?

The Small Business Year in Review 2011, Outlook 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: The Year in Review 2011, Outlook 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Credits, courtesy of Intuit:

Source: Intuit
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