The W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU launched its 17th annual Spirit of Enterprise Kick-off Breakfast at the Edward Jones Training Facility on Wednesday.  This annual breakfast marked the start of the nomination process for 2013 Spirit of Enterprise and honored the 2012 sponsors and award recipients.

Highlights of the breakfast, according to Gary Naumann, director of the Spirit of Enterprise Center at the W.P. Carey School of business, were:

·  More than 25  Spirit alumni in attendance at the breakfast from as early as 2001 right on through 2012;
·  More than 30 companies nominated by Spirit alumni;
·  12 STEP projects (Student Teams for Entrepreneurship Projects);
·  12 Review sessions (each one comprised of one alumnus reviewing 50+ applications for Spirit Awards for a particular year);
·  6 separate guest speaking engagements in undergraduate and MBA entrepreneurship courses;

The Spirit of Enterprise celebrates ethics, energy and excellence in entrepreneurship and opens the door for entrepreneurs to have access to the tools listed above.  For more information, and to nominate your company for an opportunity to participate in these programs, go to