Investment is known as a tool of a certain individual or organization to acquire money or profit. It is somehow an avenue and motivation of the majority to become successful in life. It is widely inspired every person due to its personal gain for if man perseveres on a given business or money-making, it is not too far for him to get what he wants. Oftentimes than not, if we try to look at the world, money governs it. Thus it is undeniably somewhat true that man is chained towards it.

Furthermore, if we try to look at in a broader perspective, investing is a risk for it sacrifices a lot of things most importantly money, time and effort. It awaits discouragement, frustration, failure, etc. for there is no overnight success in business. Perhaps, there are lucky individuals or organizations of not experiencing such things but in the plainest sense they are just a few of them for investment entails struggles to attain its goal.


You Are The Boss

In creating your own business one of the advantages is the idea of being a boss. Since you run your own investment, every details of it are coming from you and if you have personnel they will adhere to all the things you wanted them to do. Besides, every suggestions and the overall idea are originated from you. Technically, you are the foundation or pillars of the business and everything gravitates from you.

You Own Time

Time is the most valuable thing in the world thus, in the business world since you run it your own, you have the whole time in the world of when to do business. On the contrary, compared to an employed individual or for instance a government employee, they will need to wake up early to go to work oftentimes before 8 am. Meaning to say, they obligatorily need to do such things be they don’t own their time but the government does.


In many ways, being the boss or owner of your own business it generates a satisfying growth not only from a business perspective but most probably as a person. For it helps you become more responsible in many ways like how to handle people, profit and time. It also widens your horizon in viewing things and by giving the consideration of the unexpected possibilities. Also, buying a share of stock of some company is a great idea because investing for dummies might help business owners like you for overwhelming growth financially and you’ll be able to be rewarded as the stock price goes up.

Financially Rewarding

Since you own the business, whatever outcome especially the profit or income it brings back to you. Every investment aims to become successful and prosper and once it is achieved it creates emotional satisfaction. For this reason, by getting what you aimed for, you constantly and unceasingly acquire more by working harder.


Financial Risk

Financial risk is part and parcel of business and this is something that businessman or owner needs to ponder in the first place as what discussed above it is not an overnight success. So in running a business or going to an investment let’s try to consider that the other feet are somehow on the brink of grave and once it started, there is no turning back.


Stress is very common for all business owners they will not become or achieve what they have in the present without experiencing it. On a positive side, stress is an indication that a person works hard and has a determination to succeed and whatever hindrance would possibly await along the way, it won’t stop him from achieving his goal to become successful someday.


Investment is definitely intended for those risk-taker due to the fact that along the way there are a lot of uncertainties and struggles. Each person who has business and becomes wealthy and successful would be affirmed that a perseverance and determination are the common tools to reach what we aim for and besides, there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Therefore, investment in a business patiently waits for a beautiful and meaningful view at the end. Each one should undergo series of difficulties and indifference and worst comes to worst would be lost one’s self but surely everything will be paid for which is not only financially and materially but most importantly emotionally stable and perfection. Hard work would always be the key to everything and without this, life would not be that rewarding.