If you have decided to start your own valet business, your customers will rely on you to tend to their car carefully – and expect it to come back sparkling clean. In order to deliver the best service possible, there are specific things you will need. This will include certain legal requirements that every business needs to adhere to.


All businesses will need to have insurance in place before they begin trading. There will be different kinds of cover available to best suit your circumstances. For example, if you are going to work from a home office you will need to speak to your insurer about cover for that. Once you have written a well-thought-out business plan, start to research what are the best insurance options for your needs. Use comparison sites to find the best deal for you, or speak to an insurance broker for advice.


As a valet, you will be deep-cleaning a client’s car both inside and out. You will need to have the best equipment to clean a car thoroughly, but also delicately as not to damage it. Pressure washers are used regularly and are great at getting off tough dirt. Alternatively, steam-cleaning cars is an effective way to do this. It can remove dirt and grime more gently than a pressure washer, making it perfect for cleaning engines. There are many different steam-cleaners on the market, but Fortador USA make high-quality products.

You will also need glass cleaner, soft cloths, the correct detergent to clean the upholstery in the vehicle. A small or hand-held vacuum cleaner will be useful for ease of cleaning inside the car.


Although a valet is not required to do mechanical work on a car, it could be beneficial to have knowledge of those skills regardless. It is advised that you recommend a mechanic to your client if you do notice any problems with the car, however.

Things that you might be able to help your client with could be small issues. For example, touching up paintwork on the car, or fixing dents in the body. Again, these skills aren’t a necessity for a valet, but they could give you an opportunity to provide additional services.

Knowledge of local laws

As you will be working with cleaning products, these chemicals will have to be disposed of responsibly. Your local town will have its own compliancy laws regarding the environment. In particular, containing the dirty water so it doesn’t run off into the sewers and cause pollution. If you fail to do this, you could face prosecution. It is your responsibility to research these restrictions and take steps to follow them.

With many people finding convenience in using valet cleaning services, it’s a good business to get into. Like any business though, you will have to follow the correct procedures as set out by law. Make sure you understand what your duties are in this respect, and use the above check-list to help you as a starting point.