As COVID-19 presents employers with unique challenges, Sonora Quest Laboratories, the market share leader in diagnostic laboratory testing in Arizona, has responded with a robust employer solutions offering. The solution? A portfolio of laboratory testing and services to assist employers with managing their workforce through this pandemic and as return-to-work and school strategies are deployed.

Sonora Quest Laboratories Employer Solutions are designed to empower organizations with COVID-19 Diagnostic and Antibody testing insights to foster timely reporting to support safe workplace environments for employers as they reopen. For companies with more than 100 employees, on-site collection services for both PCR diagnostic and Antibody testing are available. For companies with less than 100 employees, Sonora Quest offers appointment blocking at designated and conveniently located Patient Service Centers statewide.

Access to testing through on-site collection services and/or block scheduling at designated Patient Service Center locations is a unique opportunity for employers to have their non-symptomatic team members tested in a convenient and safe manner.  Employees who are symptomatic or non-symptomatic can get tested with a physician order at one of the many Walmart drive through options available thanks to a partnership with Sonora Quest.

Sonora Quest Laboratories provides a suite of population health solutions with enhanced data delivery and analytics through our Actionable Insights Management (AIM™) platform, including COVID-19 dashboards for management of employee population COVID-19 PCR or Antibody testing results. Our COVID-19 Testing Dashboard provides employers with summary information for testing performed, positivity rates, test results over time, as well as demographic information and a link to detailed result information.

COVID-19 diagnostic testing at Sonora Quest is being reported in under 24 hours from receipt for hospital customers and within 1-2 days from receipt for the majority of other testing. Testing turnaround time may vary based on testing demand, supplies, and other factors. Employees can take advantage of our Patient Results Portal and get secure access to test results directly from Sonora Quest.  If visiting our website to get results for the first time, setting up an account at is required.  If an employee already has an account, they may visit

“We are all eager to get back to work as safely as possible,” said Christina Noble, Chief Growth Officer, Sonora Quest Laboratories. “Our employer solutions portfolio allows for businesses to be equipped with the tools they need to feel confident about taking that next step in providing a safe and comfortable environment for their teams. Our market presence allows for an impactful reach to employees throughout Arizona, fulfilling the need for expanded and convenient testing locations.”

Since Sonora Quest began offering COVID-19 diagnostic testing on March 20, they have reported more than 800,000 tests. Earlier this month Sonora Quest’s dedicated team of laboratory professionals worked 24 hours a day to install, validate and deploy new testing lines to allow for increased capacity for diagnostic COVID-19 testing.

Noble added, “Sonora Quest has been in the trenches alongside Arizonans in the fight against COVID since March. Our Employer Solutions offering is informed by those experiences, feedback from employers, health plans and community partners, and the 20 years of compassionate care and expertise we have gained along the way.”

Sonora Quest continues to pursue added testing options to enhance the Employer Solutions portfolio as additional testing alternatives become available. For more information please visit: