Sonora Quest Laboratories announced the launch of its newly redesigned website which, among many new state-of-the-art capabilities, includes a simple online process allowing healthcare consumers to order their own lab tests without a doctor’s order through My Lab ReQuest™. 

This new My Lab ReQuest™ online process provides consumers an easy to use, secure experience, giving them the option to order their own tests, prepay and schedule their appointment. Sonora Quest’s My Lab ReQuest™ menu offers consumers wellness screening tests as well as tests to monitor chronic conditions or disease, allowing for an increased level of engagement in their personal health.

Committed to providing the latest technology to benefit its new and existing customers, Sonora Quest has improved the online user experience through streamlined content, navigation and advanced accessibility across all digital devices, including desktop and mobile, making it easier for visitors to schedule appointments, get their lab results, and more. 

The new website also provides a personalized experience, allowing users to:

  • Schedule and manage appointments at a time most convenient for them
  • Access their test results through the results portal
  • Securely pay bills through the Chase payment portal

Additionally, now includes an enhanced Healthcare Provider Portal that allows them to: 

  • Easily access and order collection supplies and laboratory request forms
  • Securely view detailed invoices and make payments
  • View laboratory testing updates and sign up to receive email communications to stay up to date on new lab tests and capabilities

“We expect that the new will continue to improve the consumer experience as a key part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to our patients and healthcare partners and customers”, said Christina Noble, Chief Growth Officer with Sonora Quest Laboratories.  “We believe that the continued investments in digital technology and tools will allow our visitors to have a convenient and more valuable experience as we continue to focus on empowering healthcare consumerism and engagement.”

Trish Bear, President & CEO at I-ology, whose company built the site, added, “The I-ology team is so incredibly proud of our long-standing partnership with Sonora Quest Laboratories. It is wonderful to work with an organization that is this devoted to improving patient outcomes and customer service on all levels of care.  Sonora Quest Laboratories is committed to leveraging technology and investing in such improvements to be the leader in their space and to improve lives in our community. This project is yet another step towards this ambitious set of goals.”